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The development prospect of aluminum bottle caps is promising

it is reported that China's anti-theft bottle caps will grow at a rate of 10%. By 2010, the consumption of anti-theft caps will be about 15billion, and about 60000 tons of aluminum sheet and strip will be required

there are nearly 200 aluminum bottle caps in China, with an annual design production capacity of about 9billion, of which nearly 30 production lines have been introduced, and the output is more than 5 billion, which can produce nearly 100 kinds of bottle caps. Aluminum bottle caps are mostly processed on production lines with a high degree of automation, so the requirements for material strength, elongation and dimensional deviation are very strict, otherwise they will break or crease during deep drawing processing. In order to ensure that the bottle cap is easy to print after forming, the plate surface of the bottle cap is required to be flat without rolling marks, scratches and stains. Generally, the alloy materials used are 8001-h14, 3003-h16, etc. the material specification is generally 0.20 ~ 0.23mm thick, the allowable tolerance is ± 0.01%, and the width is 449 ~ 796mm

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