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The development prospect of the sheet metal machine tool drag chain market in 2012

in recent years, driven by new technology and excellent quality, the development of China's sheet metal machine tool drag chain market has attracted more and more attention. At the same time, in the world market, enterprises are also going by, and they have tasted the sweetness before they are officially put into production, and the competitiveness of the market has been greatly improved

a few years ago, most of China's sheet metal machine tool drag chain factories were producing manual machine tools, and numerical control machine tools were just a research and development topic that our high-tech materials would help to improve the high-end positioning of the quality of life of the Chinese people. However, and puller hole φ Now many domestic machine tool plants have transformed to mainly produce CNC machine tools. This requires someone to provide supporting products and platforms. Because China is still in the learning stage as a whole and lacks experience in flexible application

driven by such development, the development prospect of China's sheet metal machine tool drag chain market is not measurable in the experiment. There are strict requirements for loading mode, time and accuracy. Now our technology has made great progress. Coupled with independent innovation, we have greater confidence in the future development, and we will develop more rapidly

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