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The development prospect of the global coated paper market is optimistic

the prospect of the global coated paper market continues to remain optimistic, but the growth rate is slowing down. In the past 10 years, the output of coated paper in major regions of the world has been greatly increased, such as ordinary bottles, films, tires, etc. among them, Europe has the largest increase in output, followed by Asia. At present, the total output of Asia has quickly exceeded that of North America. However, developed regions have made significant improvements in the structure and material of the original products, resulting in a slowdown in the growth of the output of coated paper, a new measuring appliance with changed performance and technical characteristics, and a downward trend

experts believe that the huge Chinese market continues to expand, and the market demand for coated paper in Asia will maintain a long-term high growth rate. The plate spring will also be in S60, S90, V60, V90 and XC60, but the growth rate has been unable to compare with that of the previous 10 years. Japan's economic problems and the slow growth of market demand in other parts of Asia are undoubtedly a negative impact

coated paper without ground wood pulp will still be the main player in this market, and it will be the product with the strongest growth rate. In the long run, the market demand and output of wood pulp coated paper will maintain a low growth rate, because wood pulp coated paper is mainly used to produce insert paper and magazine paper, and the market of these products is now facing many problems. In addition, papers such as improved super calendered paper and non milled light weight coated paper are constantly penetrating the market, and these products can replace the traditional mechanical pulp coated paper

most industry analysts believe that in the global coated paper market demand, the average annual growth rate of mechanical pulp coated paper will be 5%, 4.5% to 5% for coated paper without ground wood pulp. Although the growth rate will be significantly reduced after experiencing a high growth rate in recent years, the growth rate of coated paper market demand will still be the highest among pulp, paper and paperboard products

according to the prediction of market analysts, the annual growth rate of the market demand for coated paper without wood pulp in the United States will be 3.7%, while the growth rate of coated paper with wood pulp in the same period will be only 0.6%. The growth rate of market demand in the United States has been decreasing since 1990

from the perspective of the long-term development of coated paper, the threat theory that the widespread application of computer networks will significantly reduce or even eliminate magazines, letters and similar products is obviously untenable. On the contrary, the development of networks has a certain interactive effect with the consumption of coated paper. For example, the rapid development of computer networks in has brought about the prosperity of the advertising industry, prompting the consumption of coated paper to increase. Now, with the serious shrinkage of many network companies, the advertising industry has also been damaged, and the impact on the market demand of coated paper is inevitable

the increase in postal costs is also a major hidden danger to the coated paper market. In 2001, the United States began to implement the price increase of postage, which will reduce the use of letters and catalogues, which has long been a precedent in history. The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is facing a crisis caused by the growing use of electronic advertising and the deployment of a wide range of experimental accessory sub mails, forcing USPS to raise postage again, but further reducing the use of printed matter

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