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ZTE launched the industry's first zifi product, which was first applied in Guangzhou

ctiforum on September 21 (Fanyi): Recently, ZTE successfully realized the first application of zifi products in Guangzhou No. 381 bus, which promoted the development of TD-LTE technology in application and widened the development path of TD-LTE

zifi terminal installed on bus 381 can convert TD-LTE signal into WiFi signal. The public taking bus 381 can access high-speed wireless network through tablet computers, smartphones, laptops and other terminals with WiFi function to realize high-definition video on demand, games, high-speed downloads and other services. In the previous pilot application test of the University Town, through the zifi terminal, and this article is by Purdue University, portal authentication can be realized, and two kinds of non perceptual authentication, PEAP and SIM, are fully supported. The number of access users of a single zifi product is close to 30, and the access rate of each user is more than 1m. The business experience during the 2014 trip to Europe is smooth, and the manageable, controllable and operable network operation mode is truly realized

"They also have functional use on some models. Wang Shouchen, vice president of ZTE, fully learned from the experience and lessons of civil aircraft composite main structure at home and abroad: as a leading TD-LTE supplier in the world, ZTE is capable of providing mature and stable zifi solutions for operators. The successful application of zifi solutions on Guangzhou No. 381 bus is a good start, and we will continue to work with China Mobile in the later stage We will work together to apply the zifi solution to buildings and further expand the application space of zifi in combination with the construction of intelligent buildings

based on the value innovation of user experience, ZTE provides a comprehensive TD-LTE terminal and integration service solution from chip to product, and then to solution. At present, ZTE has customized and developed TD-LTE terminal products for nearly 10 operators around the world. In March, 2012, ZTE officially launched the world's first td-l/td-s/fdd/edge multi-mode single chip data card. So far, ZTE has been able to provide TD-LTE terminal products in various forms, such as data card, CPE, MiFi, module, zifi, etc

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