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ZTE launched a major attack on the cloud Desktop Market: one of its goals is to divide the world into three parts

recently, ZTE held a conference on the core channels of government and Enterprise Cloud desktop in China in Sanya, Hainan Province, and released the desktop products and solutions of ZTE umartview cloud for 2018, which timely publicized the achievements of industrial development, and discussed the development trend of the cloud desktop market and the future channel management strategy with core channel providers

ZTE attaches great importance to holding the channel conference solely for cloud desktop, which also shows its promising prospects for its market computing standard: GB 16776 (2) 005 gb/t 528 (1) 998. Hai Yongjun, general manager of ZTE's cloud desktop products, stressed at the meeting that the cloud desktop market is speeding up the reshuffle. From the competition of the powerful to the confrontation of the three countries, ZTE's goal is to have one of the three worlds

the cake is larger and the threshold is higher

compared with traditional PC, cloud desktop has the advantages of high security, centralized management, dynamic scalability and so on, and its application scenarios are more and more extensive. According to the prediction of the consulting agency, China's cloud desktop market will grow from 760 million yuan in 2014 to 2.25 billion yuan in 2017, and will reach 12.6 billion yuan by 2022, of which education and government industries are the largest markets for cloud desktop. The rapid growth of market scale, regional market distribution and relatively low threshold have attracted manufacturers with customer resources in various regions and industries, which can be described as a mixture of good and bad. It is understood that using open source technology, OEM hardware and even software, three or five engineers can build a usable cloud desktop environment and sell it to customers

however, being able to use is not equal to being easy to use. Poor experience of cloud desktop products is a common phenomenon. Zhang Xiaoyi, deputy general manager of ZTE's cloud computing and it product market operation Department, told c114 that, for example, if no optimization is done, the bandwidth occupation may be 100 times the gap, resulting in poor user experience. The UTM experimental machine in the early stage has similar electronic components and recorders; Another example is GPU virtualization, which requires strong technical investment and is difficult for small manufacturers to have. Including system security, only by cooperating with Microsoft can we ensure that the operating system changes to adapt to the cloud desktop system. Small manufacturers usually do not have such conditions

in addition, with the acceleration of market informatization in education and other industries, cloud Desktop Deployment is moving from decentralized to centralized. Previously, it was deployed in schools, but now it is gradually deployed in thousands or even tens of thousands of units in a county or district. Small manufacturers will naturally withdraw without the underlying technology research and development strength. Large IT manufacturers represented by ZTE will further win a larger share

Hai Yongjun also said that in previous years, cloud desktop applications in each province have their own characteristics, with scattered investment and lack of communication. But this phenomenon is changing. Taking the education industry as an example, in recent years, through the national education equipment exhibition, major manufacturers have come up with products and programs to show, making customers gradually abandon some low-quality products. Customers' pursuit of use experience will certainly promote the reshuffle of the industry

cloud desktop technology and higher market threshold have given ZTE a bigger stage. As one of the most powerful IT manufacturers in China, ZTE's cloud desktop product development team has reached 300 people, and backed by ZTE's strong software and hardware technology reserves, including cloud computing, video compression, artificial intelligence technology, as well as underlying chips, servers, storage and other products, it is completely self-developed and controllable, and finally combined with cloud desktop solutions to form a core competitiveness. OEM products have no life continuity. In addition, compared with foreign IT manufacturers, we have a better understanding of the Chinese market and can provide customized solutions for customers

deeper channels and wider cooperation

the umartview cloud desktop solution released by ZTE this time mainly includes three major technological innovations. One is GPU graphics card virtualization technology, which has been monopolized by foreign manufacturers as a key technology to reflect the image and video capabilities of cloud desktop. After four years of research and development, ZTE has conquered GPU graphics card transmission and sharing technology. The second is the application of layered technology, which solves the problems of unified upgrading and patching of application software, and consolidates the position in the industry, which can bring users a better use experience. The third is VR technology, which deeply integrates cloud desktop technology and VR technology, and realizes the VR teaching mode of one person teaching, rotating experience and full participation through the first perspective multicast

take the virtualization technology of GPU graphics card as an example, which is the first cloud desktop application in China. Based on KVM platform, a single card can virtualize up to 16 virtual graphics cards, and there is no expensive license authorization, so users do not need to pay repeated fees; Its cloud desktop application protocol decoupling technology is also a major innovation. In the future, users can deploy Zhongxing cloud desktop in any open cloud platform provider, so as to make effective use of early-stage investment and save deployment costs

technological innovation at the product solution level is the foundation for ZTE to seize share in the shuffle environment of the cloud desktop market. Li Jian, deputy general manager of ZTE's government enterprise China marketing department, pointed out at the meeting that ZTE's cloud desktop products achieved an increase in performance and scale in 2017, and the number and quality of channel providers increased. The market is at the right time, the product is at the right time, and the channel cooperation is at the right time

in the government enterprise market, good products also need good channels, and channel partners play an important role. At the Partner Conference held in April this year, ZTE clearly put forward the partner priority strategy. Li Jian said that ZTE recognized the prospect of this market and would invest resources to provide value services to partners and promote the sinking of channels

generally speaking, channel providers are more focused on market expansion, and technological innovation is not their strength. ZTE not only provides products and solutions to channel providers, but also participates in customized development according to the differential needs of end customers, reducing the technical threshold; Secondly, based on the common customer base of both sides, channel providers can use ZTE's product solutions to meet other information application needs of customers; Even based on ZTE's R & D resources, it helps channel merchants to explore a larger industry market. Hai Yongjun pointed out that ZTE chose cloud desktop as its key breakthrough because it was able to quickly intervene in the production system, not only to sell products, but also to better understand the needs of customers and explore greater cooperation opportunities

after April, we deeply felt the strength and timeliness of ZTE's entire team's support for our business. In many projects, we can get orders, which is inseparable from the timely support and close cooperation of ZTE. The representative of channel provider Shengtuo information said. For example, when we build a fixed asset management system and promote it in the tax and public security systems, we will need the software capabilities of ZTE, plus the cloud desktop configuration, and even the integration of big data and artificial intelligence in the future. The technology needed to meet the needs of customers can be found in ZTE

from the perspective of channel providers, it is not easy to find a reliable partner. A channel business representative said that the Jianghu is too dangerous, and it is not easy to be a channel. Having strength doesn't mean speaking morally. In order to achieve performance, many manufacturers have gone too far, and there is no bottom line for channel partners. ZTE not only has strength, but also has a set of code of conduct. It can quickly and effectively solve problems by doing what it says. The cloud classroom we deployed in a high school in Guangxi uses ZTE cloud desktop because of the strong recommendation of customers

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