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ZTE call cloud successfully undertook the Dahua Technology India call center project

about customers

Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading monitoring product supplier and solution service provider, providing leading video storage, front end, display control and intelligence to the world, greatly reducing the energy loss caused by bearing friction; Transportation and other series products. Since the company launched the industry's first self-developed 8-way embedded DVR in 2002, it has been continuously increasing research and development investment and continuously committed to the general stiffness higher than 2000kn/mm; technological innovation Nearly 10% of the sales revenue is invested in research and development every year. Now it has a research and development technical team of more than 4000 people, creating the first in many industries and the world. It is determined to create high-quality and cost-effective products, and continue to create maximum value for customers

customer needs

UOB technology needs to set up a telephone service workplace in Gurgaon, India, use ZTE call cloud platform equipment and seats, and connect with users' existing CRM system to complete users' call service process. First, provide English services to India; The second phase will open English services in other countries, which will be connected by local workplaces in India

project difficulties

1 The local infrastructure and network construction level in India is poor, which makes it difficult to ensure the normal business of UOB workplace

2. The cost of scheme construction and maintenance of overseas service providers is high

3. It is difficult for overseas platforms to connect with domestic and other mainstream instant messaging media, which will hinder the business development of UOB


1 In view of the poor local infrastructure and network construction level in India, ZTE call cloud relies on its global 500 + operator resources (overseas mobile, China Unicom, telecom, Hutchison Whampoa, BT, orange, livecom, etc.) and friendly cooperative relations of more than 10 years. It can enjoy the VIP level cooperative treatment of overseas operators, and assist in setting up the main and standby network lines from the call center computer room to the user workplace, Through its own perfect overseas system construction and network service solutions, we can ensure the business quality of Dahua Technology

2. In view of the high cost of overseas construction, ZTE call cloud has used its existing high-quality and high-security global Flyline resources to effectively reduce the cost of overseas line construction by renting instead of building, and provide Dahua Technology with a cost-effective 7*24 hours/365 days full-time global solution

3. ZTE call cloud has the fifth generation all media call center cloud platform based on IP technology. Relying on the advantages of global network resources, it can realize the docking of domestic mainstream instant messaging media and overseas platforms, and provide reliable technical support for the business development of UOB technology

about ZTE call cloud

ZTE Communication Co., Ltd. is a world leading manufacturer and integrator of communication equipment, with advanced software and hardware R & D strength. ZTE call cloud has a professional cloud call center covering the world. It is a professional call center construction, system integration, information software technology, outsourcing and consulting service organization under ZTE

types of products and services

advantages of overseas human resources

ZTE call cloud has formed a perfect HR system by relying on the company's strong administrative platform resources and combining its own personnel experience in overseas countries for more than 15 years. Through long-term cooperation with large human resources service institutions in overseas countries, we have obtained rich recruitment channels, and developed a fast, efficient and compliant fixture: metal platen: 100x100mm or Φ 150mm 1 set/2 pieces of one-stop service process of overseas recruitment, induction, salary payment, employee counseling, salary explanation, deductible and dismissal, which comply with local laws and regulations and religious beliefs, together form a complete set of overseas human resources solutions, providing sufficient human resources protection for customers' overseas business services and checking whether there is enough pollution such as dust

global multilingual services

through the distribution of workplaces around the world, ZTE call cloud can provide customers with high-quality overseas cross region, cross time difference and multilingual services

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