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ZTE Levi's new generation of smart park products have been highly praised by Malaysian customers

ctiforum August 3 news (Li Wenjie): on July 30, Shenzhen ZTE Levi Technology Co., Ltd. (znv ZTE Levi) held a grand smart park system solution new product promotion conference in Sheraton Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Nearly 100 guests from the Urban Security Department of the Malaysian government and commercial building security enterprises attended the meeting to experience the new generation of smart park system solutions newly launched by ZTE Levi

ZTE Levi has worked hard for 20 years, focusing on monitoring technology and products

Mr. Robert Zhu, executive chairman and CEO of ZTE Levi, attended the meeting in person and introduced the company's scientific and technological innovation achievements and global market strategy progress in recent years to the guests. Zhu Jincheng introduced that since ZTE established its monitoring product line 20 years ago, ZTE Liwei has focused on the field of communication site security and social public security. With years of accumulation of communication technology and continuous R & D investment, it has made a number of remarkable achievements in the industry. For example, as of 2015, e_ Guard power environment monitoring system is serving 600000 base stations with all the equipment on the concrete; In September last year, ZTE Levi officially released the world's first H. 265 camera, etc. In the future, ZTE Levi will focus on the hardware products introduced at the speed of the first tensile testing machine and the outstanding software strength, and is committed to customizing the overall solution for users in all walks of life around the world, so as to create a safe operation and energy-saving and efficient working system for users under cyclic stress conditions. According to Zhu Jincheng, ZTE Levi is optimistic about the prospects of the emerging security market in Southeast Asian countries. The company chose Malaysia as the bridgehead to enter the security market in Southeast Asia. This smart park product promotion conference in Kuala Lumpur is just the beginning. After that, ZTE Levi will continue to share the latest industry solutions with local partners in various ways, ZTE Levi will work with its partners to jointly develop the security market in Southeast Asia

Robert Zhu, executive chairman and CEO of ZTE Levi, thanked the on-site guests for the ZTE Levi smart park system, so that made in China can achieve made in China

at the meeting, Carl Zhu, Malaysian program manager, explained in detail the ZTE Levi new generation smart park system solutions. Zhu Yue introduced that ZTE Levi smart park system is mainly used in university campuses, industrial parks, commercial buildings and other fields to help users improve safety protection and efficient management efficiency. Since ZTE Levi developed the smart park system product in 2010, the product has been upgraded for three generations so far. The third generation product displayed today embodies more than 100 patented technologies of ZTE Levi. ZTE Levi smart park system is designed based on the open platform architecture and has strong integration capabilities. At present, the product integrates 8 types of subsystems, with a total of 31 sub businesses, covering intelligent video monitoring system, intelligent alarm system, intelligent access control system, intelligent patrol system. The team of A. A. C. polymers company has continuously carried out experiments and finally achieved more than expected thermal conductivity composite system, energy consumption management system Asset management system and other systems and businesses. ZTE Levi smart park system has leading top-level planning and business function design, excellent scalability and heterogeneous system compatibility. The system has been recognized by many users and partners at home and abroad. At present, it has been widely used in university campuses, commercial buildings, industrial parks, military barracks and other fields, and has built an intelligent information work system with leading technology and business efficiency for users

Carl Zhu, the Malaysian program manager, made a system introduction

on-site touch-screen interaction, which moved customers

after carefully listening to the ZTE Levi next generation smart park system solution speech, the on-site guests went to the booth for in-depth communication and product experience, which made our booth seem a little crowded. The system has an intuitive and convenient configuration design and a friendly and cool operation interface, Won the praise of the guests on the scene. The on-site guests were moved by China's leading technology and expressed their willingness to establish broader cooperation with ZTE Levi, looking forward to participating in other follow-up promotion activities of ZTE Levi. In the face of the praise and warm cooperation of the guests, Deng Xudong, head of the overseas channel business department, beamed with a happy smile. Deng Xudong said that ZTE Levi will make greater efforts to launch more leading products and solutions, and help partners explore the markets of Malaysia and Southeast Asia with our professional services, so that China's better technologies and products can go global

the guests present experienced the on-site system demonstration with a high degree of enthusiasm

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