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ZTE and Liaoning Mobile deployed the first 4g+ three carrier aggregation technology network in Northeast China

China Mobile Liaoning company held a media communication meeting at the international academic exchange center of Northeastern University, and released the 4g+ network service and volte (high definition voice) trial. During the meeting, ZTE provided the first 4g+ three carrier aggregation network in Northeast China, which showed the public and media 4g+ such as download services, and provided technical support and network security throughout the process

4g+ through TDD band three carrier aggregation (CA) technology, the maximum supported rate is close to 330mbps. The key reason why 4g+ can double the rate is the application of 4G carrier aggregation technology. In short, LTE with a peak of 100Mbps is like a lane, which can only pass a limited number of cars per unit time; The multi carrier aggregation technology is like n lanes, and the number of vehicles passing through in a unit time will also multiply with the increase of the number of carriers, so the theoretical value of the technology can reach more than 2gbps. For measuring range × 2、 × 5. Let's say that the 4g+ network of Liaoning Mobile has greatly improved the user experience. The most intuitive feeling is that the Lilly experimental machine belongs to one of the precision measurement experimental instruments. It takes only 10 seconds to download a complete 2GB HD movie with this technology, and only 1 second to upload a 10MB concert video clip. You can really feel the flying experience. From the visual comparison with the current 20m home fiber broadband, the bandwidth of part I is 15 times that of the current 20m home fiber broadband, which truly realizes the high-speed broadband network technically. Using 4g+ technology, it can truly complement or even replace the optical broadband network, making wireless communication wonderful

as one of the largest strategic partners of Liaoning Mobile, ZTE is committed to providing industry-leading network technology solutions, mature and stable products and quality assurance services to ensure the stable and healthy development of Liaoning Mobile network. Since the construction project of Shenyang TD-LTE test in 2012, Liaoning Mobile 4G network has experienced four-year four-phase project construction as of November 2015, and the total number of base stations has reached 43000. ZTE covers the wireless networks in the main core urban areas of seven cities, including Shenyang and Dalian

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