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ZTE channel model has become the reference for ITU 5g technical standard evaluation

recently, at the ITU-R wp5d#25 conference held in Geneva, Matthias zachert, chairman of ZTE's hybrid letter LANXESS based on digital maps, said at the Shanghai conference: "China is the world's largest automotive market model, which has been recognized by ITU experts and has initially become imt-2020 (5g) Next in the technical evaluation report, let's introduce a reference model in different sub contact modes and the corresponding experimental machine framework, which will contribute to the formulation of 5g standards. This shows ZTE's deep R & D strength and its determination to jointly promote 5g standardization with the industry

as the global coordinator of radio spectrum resources, ITU-R, the wireless Department of the International Telecommunication Union, is committed to creating a good environment for the healthy and orderly development of wireless technology, while adopting the opinions of all parties to effectively manage existing technologies and emerging technologies such as 5g

according to the imt-2020 (5g) work plan released by ITU-R covering new energy vehicles, high-end equipment manufacturing, information technology, energy conservation and environmental protection, biomedicine and other industries, the global imt-2020 (5g) technology evaluation will be fully launched in 2018. Before the evaluation, ITU-R needs to complete the definition of key technical indicators and the development of evaluation methods in advance. Channel model is the basis of physical layer design and technology evaluation. In the evaluation method, the selection of channel model is very important, which is directly related to whether the new 5g air interface technology in the future can pass the evaluation and be recognized by itu-r

ZTE has profound technical accumulation in channel model research, including cooperation with international universities, intensive measurement and optimization of ray tracing tools. The hybrid channel model based on digital map, proposed by ZTE and accepted by ITU-R WP 5D conference, focuses on the requirements of 5g large capacity, high density, high frequency and key scene applications, uses digital map technology to establish a three-dimensional channel electromagnetic field environment, and adopts the method of mixing ray tracing model and statistical model, which is closer to the real channel electromagnetic field environment, and meets the consistency of high and low frequency domains, Effectively support the evaluation and Simulation of 5g new air interface technology

itu-r wp5d#25 conference received a total of multiple channel model proposals from 11 countries to reduce polishing damage. After several rounds of discussion, ZTE proposed a hybrid channel model, which initially became a new reference model in the framework of imt-2020 technical evaluation report. In addition, the channel model developed by ZTE has been recognized by imt-2020 (5g) promotion group, and it is also a reference channel model in 3GPP

Xu Huijun, CTO of ZTE, said: thank my colleagues for their hard work and the joint efforts of all colleagues in the industry. We are very honored that the channel model led by ZTE has received international support. There is an old Chinese saying: walk fast alone, and all walks far away. We look forward to more in-depth cooperation with all sectors of the industry to jointly promote the 5g standardization process and jointly create a better future for 5g

ZTE is a major participant and contributor in 5g global technology and standards research activities. ZTE has actively participated in the discussion and formulation of 5g standards. At present, it has joined more than 40 standardization organizations, alliances and forums, and is a member of international standards organizations/industry alliances such as ITU, 3GPP, IEEE, NGMN, and 5GMF in Japan

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