Brief analysis of China's imported wood pulp price

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Brief analysis of China's imported wood pulp price index in April 2020

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core tips: 1. China's imported wood pulp price index in April 2020: China's imported wood pulp price index closed at 950.55 points, up 19.04 points from the end of last month, an increase of 2.04%. All kinds of pulp are

April 2020: China's imported wood pulp price index closed at 950.55 points, up 19.04 points from the end of last month, an increase of 2.04%. All kinds of pulps showed an upward trend, among which the increase of chemical mechanical pulp was the largest

there are two main reasons that affect the price index of imported wood pulp:

first, the new round of announced external markets generally reported a rise in US dollars/ton, which boosted the confidence of the industry to report a rise; Second, the demand for household paper in the middle and early ten days is good, and the enthusiasm of pulp market to prepare goods is high; Third, the inventory of port wood pulp continued to decline

second, the price index of each pulp species

from the perspective of pulp species:

1. Coniferous pulp: at present, the inflection point of public health events has not yet appeared, and the spot price of imported coniferous pulp is still relatively strong due to the continuous maintenance reported by foreign pulp and paper enterprises in the early stage and the rise of external market in April and may

however, the recovery of the domestic downstream base paper market was not as expected, especially the resumption time in China was not as expected; There is no centralized release of demand for cultural paper, and the superposition export is still blocked; In April, the prices of downstream cultural paper and white cardboard still fell, and the superimposed pulp futures showed a weak trend, dragging down the trend of pulp prices

on the whole, the spot price of imported coniferous pulp fluctuated, among which the supply of needles was relatively tight, and the price was still high; The price of coniferous pulp in Chile and Russia follows the market, showing a weak shock finishing trend

2. Broad leaved pulp: after the temperature of bawangmo increases, it is necessary to review the actions of all parts again. After the Western broad leaved pulp reported an increase of $30/ton, the time span of actual single negotiation is long, and the expectations and rumors of the industry are different

the disk of the spot market of broad-leaved pulp showed a trend of first rising and then declining, and the final price at the end of the month did not change much compared with the previous month; However, due to the different trading strategies of the operators, I heard that the export price of broad-leaved pulp of some futures companies is lower than the disk; The feedback of some operators may be the price of point price, which is short-term and not referential

in general, broad-leaved pulp is widely used, so the decline rate of port inventory will be faster than that of coniferous pulp

3. Natural color pulp: the spot market of imported natural color pulp is affected by the need to know the maintenance of foreign pulp factories when purchasing national experimental machines, resulting in a small supply, and the industry is generally reluctant to sell at low prices; However, due to the decline in the price of waste paper during the month, export orders were blocked, the price of downstream packaging paper was under pressure and loosened, and the cost of paper mills was strictly controlled; Therefore, the purchase of natural color pulp tends to be rigid demand, which inhibits the price increase of natural color pulp

4. Chemical and mechanical pulp: the external market of imported needle leaf chemical and mechanical pulp reported an increase, and the shipping schedule was unstable. There was not much supply in the spot market, and the paper mills with superimposed scale entered the market to replenish the stock. Moreover, the price of needle leaf chemical mechanical pulp continued to rise, and has increased by about 175 yuan/ton in the month. By the end of the month, the tax inclusive price of Kunhe was yuan/ton; There are few goods in South China, and the price is high

III. market summary and analysis

the rise of the outer market and the maintenance of pulp mills support the supply side, but the maintenance and production reduction of paper mills at home and abroad are affecting the volume of the pulp market, so the short-term supply and demand situation remains to be observed

and may has entered the off-season of the paper industry, and it is expected that the pulp price will continue to maintain a volatile consolidation trend

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