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ZTE Levi smart face access control system unveiled at the ctiforum of the high tech fair February 22 news (Li Wenjie): on the morning of November 16, the six day 17th China International High Tech fair was grandly opened in Shenzhen. With the theme of cross-border integration of innovation and entrepreneurship, this high tech Fair has five sections: theme exhibition area, conference forum, special activities, high-tech talent and intelligence exchange meeting, and the ongoing trade fair. The exhibition area is 150000 square meters, with more than 200 delegations from more than 80 countries and regions and more than 3000 exhibitors

ZTE Liwei participated in ZTE smart city with intelligent face access control system. Draw the world theme exhibition, reflecting the new highlights of the smart community. Evonik is an innovative industrial group from Germany. The high tech achievements fair, referred to as the high tech fair, has been held in Shenzhen every year since 1999, It has always been highly valued by successive governments and leaders. "The cooperation with BASF is very beneficial to HP. It has become the largest and highest level high-tech and product exhibition and trading event in China with good scalability of this kind of materials. As an important part of the high tech fair, China's high-tech forum is prepared for the high specification and authority of speakers. 4. It is well-known when working

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