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ZTE cooperates with two European network operators to expand local service business

ZTE, especially the German subsidiary of silica gel filled with silica, announced on the 4th that it had signed custody service contracts with two European network operators. ZTE signed a voice information hosting agreement with Royal Dutch Telecommunications (KPN), the largest network operator in the Netherlands, and signed a comprehensive service contract with join experience, a virtual network operator in Luxembourg, including the operation and maintenance of core networks and the sale of new products. At the same time, ZTE is also the only equipment supplier of the core network of join experience. At present, ZTE has more than 1000 high-quality custody service employees and is committed to expanding its service business to countries around Germany

ZTE Germany signed a three-year contract with Royal Dutch Telecom (KPN) to fully receive the virtual host and maintenance of Royal Dutch Telecom (KPN) voice information service. The company will provide relevant management services and voice information service operation and maintenance for mobile users in the Netherlands. After three weeks of careful preparation and coordination, the company will take over the virtual host of KPN's voice information service from November 1, 2014

at the end of 2009, KPN chose ZTE as its sole supplier of new generation 2g/3g/4g networks in Germany and Belgium. ZTE initially only provided network access equipment for it, and gradually developed to deploy core network equipment for it. Now, it is also responsible for implementing its hosting service

ZTE Germany signed a comprehensive custody service contract with join. In this contract, the company will be fully responsible for providing network operation, point-to-point wireless network reporting, new product release and maintenance for the join core networks in Luxembourg and Belgium, as well as fault inspection. China's plastic extruder market has also made great progress and breakthroughs in maintenance, testing and software upgrading. The company will also work with Nanjing ZTE soft start company to provide users with a faster and more reliable experience. Nanjing ZTE soft start is an IT company under ZTE, which provides advanced bss/oss integrated solutions and major new software. In this agreement, ZTE softstart will also provide a complete set of billing and payment management system for the join network

join plans to expand its mobile and it services business to other European countries from mid November, with Belgium as the first target. The general manager of join experience electric shock brush and foot switch said that the agreement we signed with ZTE's German subsidiary shows our desire for cooperation and development with ZTE. Our goal is to expand the markets of other European countries and give full play to the potential of Pan European tariffs. We believe that ZTE has the same fighting philosophy as us and is our best partner

Xu Ziyang, CEO of ZTE's German subsidiary, said that the company has been operating since 2013 and took over the operation of e-plus mobile network since 2014, with significant growth. Since ZTE began operations in Germany, we have been committed to promoting our services to other network operators in Europe. In the past decade, we have cooperated with many European operators to provide their end customers with future oriented low-cost and efficient solutions to meet the growing needs of users. We recently signed a contract with KPN and join experience, which not only proves the excellent ability of our hosting service, but also our successful sales strategy in Europe

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