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Fujian Wuyi Rock Tea lacks personalized packaging

for a long time, the packaging of Wuyi rock tea is stereotyped and lacks personality. The same packaging may be produced by different tea enterprises, which is not as good as environmental friendly refrigerant, which only makes tea enterprises unable to establish their own crystal brand, but also makes consumers wonder why the tea with the same packaging has different quality

it is understood that most tea farms in Wuyishan sell in bulk and paperback, one of which is sold to orderers in bulk. Many tea factories often sell bulk tea to foreign dealers at the price of 60-100 yuan per kilogram. After the dealers repackage, the price of tea immediately increases by more than ten or thirty times; The profit earned by dealers is much higher than that of tea producers. The other is to sell tea after simple packaging. According to statistics, in the sales of Wuyi rock tea, bulk sales accounted for nearly 80% of the total sales

at present, many tea enterprises also realize that the packaging with their own personality is also to establish an image and brand for enterprises. For example, large-scale tea enterprises such as Yongsheng tea factory and Wuyishan tea general factory pay great attention to the outer packaging of tea and establish their own brand. Among them, the trademark of "double lion playing ball" of Yongsheng tea factory has also been rated as a provincial famous brand, and the sound of the crystal brand will also bring greater sales

they all hope that Wuyishan can introduce a large packaging enterprise with relatively mature and reliable technology in order to make a difference

for plastic flexible packaging materials, in addition to the requirements that it can meet the increasing requirements of packaging quality and effectiveness of different products,

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