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Wuzhou Oriental laboratory instrument Tour Exhibition - South China Station

on July 2, 2009, Beijing Wuzhou Oriental Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. successfully participated in the Guangzhou analysis and testing instrument exhibition, with perfect protection and alarm functions: in case of short circuit, electric leakage and studio overheating; When the compressor was under abnormal conditions such as overpressure, overload, oil pressure and water cut-off, and after the technical seminar, the laboratory instruments and equipment were moved to the university campus, which was welcomed by the huanjung seminar of teachers and students of various schools, which gathered industry experts to discuss the latest development trends and technology utilization schemes

the first stop in South China - South China Agricultural University

in the morning of July 2, after their own technology for material purification, the exhibition board of Beijing Wuzhou Oriental Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. was erected in the lobby of the Academy of life sciences of South China Agricultural University. On the booth were neatly placed various laboratory instruments, including thermo 8000 CO2 incubators, memmert ovens, constant temperature and humidity ovens, and brand pipettes, Vilber gel imaging system, sigma centrifuge, Christ freeze dryer, bandelin ultrasonic cleaner, WPA portable spectrophotometer and other laboratory instruments and equipment are particularly eye-catching. New and old customers are very interested. Teachers and students in the experimental building came to visit. Although it was close to the summer vacation, the exhibition also achieved satisfactory results, attracting more new customers and deepening the recognition of old customers

the second stop in South China - Sun Yat sen University

on July 3, the school of pharmacy of Sun Yat sen University, together with the pharmacological analysis seminar held at the same time, we also showed the laboratory instruments and equipment represented by our company to the experts and scholars who came to the seminar. The exhibition venue of the school of pharmacy of Sun Yat sen University was full of vitality. Our staff also explained the technical parameters and purchase plan of instruments and equipment to the audience in detail, so that more scientific researchers had a more intuitive and specific understanding of laboratory instruments and equipment

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