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High end polyurethane preparation technology breaks foreign monopoly on December 24, the achievement appraisal committee composed of 5 academicians and relevant experts strengthened the advanced flame retardant, sound insulation and noise reduction high molecular materials, braking materials, magnesium for rail transit equipment The preparation process of aluminum alloy was identified. The appraisal result is that the two technical achievements have reached the international advanced level as a whole, which not only fills the domestic gap, but also surpasses the foreign similar level in some indicators

it is reported that the use of polyurethane involves almost every industry of the national economy. HDI is the main raw material for preparing high-end polyurethane. The greatest advantages of high-end polyurethane products manufactured by HDI are that they do not yellowing, and their light stability and weather resistance are outstanding. For example, if HDI is used for high-grade automobile top coat, the paint surface will be durable and bright and not easy to fade. Adiponitrile is the main raw material for preparing HDI

at present, China is the third largest isocyanate consumer in the world. However, the R & D and production technologies of these two important chemical materials have been monopolized by international multinational companies for a long time, and the products are heavily dependent on imports. This not only makes the domestic polyurethane industry subject to foreign countries in the supply and price of HDI and adiponitrile, but also endangers the safety and healthy development of China's polyurethane industry

Shandong Runxing group initiated the research and development of HDI non phosgene green synthesis process in 2006. This process overcomes the problem of highly toxic environmental pollution in the production of phosgene process. The purity of HDI produced by them has reached 99.78% and the chlorine content is very low. In 2008, the group approved the research and development of adiponitrile process. Generally, the hydraulic type is equipped with microcomputer control technology. They independently developed the world's advanced acrylonitrile diaphragm free electrolytic dimerization technology for preparing adiponitrile. The technology is characterized by energy saving and basically no pollution. At present, the 1000 ton unit is put into operation smoothly

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the group plans to build a 100000 t/a non phosgene HDI and supporting 300000 t/a adiponitrile project, create a green high-tech fine chemical industry chain, and form a green high-tech fine chemical industry cluster. After the completion of the project, it will not only break the foreign technological monopoly and blockade, but also stimulate the rapid development of upstream and downstream industries

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