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High end manufacturing of construction machinery: Nanjing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. helps you "help"

enter the "13th five year plan". Guided by high-quality development, Nanjing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. focuses on the supply side, aims at the medium and high-end, increases the promotion and application of JIT c2m mode, industrial interconnection and other new technologies in the field of iron and steel science and technology supply chain services, and builds an intelligent iron and steel product supply chain ecosystem, Despite the fact that the practice of using steel has its own characteristics and practical situation, the extraordinary vehicle engineers continue to seek to improve the multi-dimensional value of the 300000 ton aluminum alloy new material product processing project signed in zarut banner with a total investment of 1billion yuan, and to create efficiently with customers, and continue to strengthen in-depth cooperation in industrial strategy, high-end manufacturing, scientific research and development, capital operation, mode innovation, etc, Through cooperation with construction machinery and other industries, we will enhance our ability to resist various environmental risks and jointly win the initiative in market competition, so as to create a community of strategic cooperation destiny with stronger strength, more stable growth and better quality

steel for construction machinery of Nanjing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. is mainly used for structural parts and wear-resistant parts of construction machinery such as excavators, loaders, bulldozers, graders, cranes, concrete pump trucks, mining trucks, road rollers, muck trucks, forklifts, special vehicles, etc. According to gb/t, en, ASTM, JIS and other domestic and foreign standards as well as the technical requirements of users, Nangang can produce Q345 to q1300 grade construction machinery steel to meet the special requirements of users for "personalized customization"

in response to "made in China 2025", Nangang has successively developed a series of high-strength structural plates, q550-q1300, and 360hb-600hb low-alloy high-strength wear-resistant steel plates, which are widely used in high-end manufacturing in the fields of coal mining machinery, engineering machinery and port machinery. In 2012, Nangang q1100e high-strength plate took the lead in replacing imports to achieve batch application. In 2017, it completed the ultra-high strength structure and the only way to revitalize the instrument industry. The new product identification of steel plate q1300

Nanjing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has sold more than 3 million tons of steel for construction machinery, which has been highly recognized by more and more users such as Caterpillar, Volvo, Terex, Hitachi construction machinery, Komatsu Shantui and Hyundai. It has reached strategic cooperation with Sany Heavy machinery, XCMG group, Shandong Lingong and other users, with an industry market share of about 40%

Nanjing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has established its own brands of high-strength steel "niwel" and wear-resistant steel "nires", and established a high-quality manufacturing of high-strength steel and wear-resistant steel plate. At present, Nangang has supplied more than 450000 tons of high-strength steel niwel and wear-resistant steel nires, of which more than 50000 tons have been exported to Africa, North America and Southeast Asia

"the first excavation in China" -- the successful development of XCMG xe7000e excavator marks that China has become the fourth country in the world after Germany, Japan and the United States to have the R & D and manufacturing capacity of hydraulic excavators of more than 700 tons. During the manufacturing process of this 700T hydraulic excavator, according to the design requirements of XCMG 700T hydraulic excavator, Nanjing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. organized the production of special steel plates meeting the technical requirements for its use. 100% of the steel plates used in the structural parts of this excavator were produced by Nanjing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd

xca1600 all terrain crane independently researched and developed by XCMG heavy equipment Co., Ltd. has a powerful chassis with a self-made multi axle all terrain chassis and multi axle drive technology. It can drive under heavy load and cross-country. The maximum climbing capacity of heavy load transfer can reach 30%. XCMG 1600 ton crane is an all terrain crane with the smallest volume, the largest lifting load and strong performance. 80% of the steel plates used for this type of crane are provided by Nangang

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