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High end instruments and automatic control systems have become the key development projects in Shanghai. Introduction: in 2012, according to the implementation opinions of Shanghai on cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries and the 12th Five Year Plan, Shanghai gathered resources and promoted the implementation of 11 key projects. Among them, the focus is on the development of high-end instruments and automatic control systems. There is no hydrogel material for high-end CNC machine tools that can simultaneously meet the harsh conditions and basic manufacturing equipment such as cell compatibility, mechanical strength, permeability and rapid prototyping required by living cell 3D printing, industrial robots, special robots and service robots, high-end engineering machinery and construction equipment, so as to create an intelligent manufacturing equipment industry cluster

2012, according to the requirements of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government on innovation driven, transformation and development, and the overall deployment of the whole committee on six centers and six promotions for annual work, the promotion of the development of strategic emerging industries will focus on one main line (actively cultivating strategic emerging industries) and adhere to three orientations (demand orientation, problem orientation and project orientation), Highlight the four focuses (focusing on major projects, leading enterprises, guarantee conditions and breakthrough policies), implement key special projects, strive to achieve the goal that the growth of key areas of strategic emerging industries is faster than that of the city's industries, play a leading role in the steady economic development of the city, and the total industrial scale has reached 1.2 trillion yuan. Among them, the manufacturing sector is expected to achieve a total industrial output value of about 860billion yuan, an increase of 10% over the previous year, and the information service sector will achieve an operating income of about 360billion yuan, an increase of 20%

according to the overall deployment of the city for the development of strategic emerging industries, we will go all out to promote industrialization, focusing on:

1. Improve the work promotion mechanism. In accordance with the requirements of the opinions of Shanghai Municipality on accelerating the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries approved by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, improve the city's promotion mechanism, vigorously promote industrial technological innovation, implement and promote the special projects for strategic emerging industries, put forward major project funding arrangements, improve the service system of division and cooperation among cities, districts and parks, and build a municipal industrialization project library, Carry out the planning, layout, naming and assessment of the city's strategic emerging industrialization bases. Adhere to the system of regular work meetings to form a working force

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2 and strives for national strategic tasks. In accordance with the requirements of "give or take", take the initiative to connect, implement the division of labor, and achieve the docking of mechanisms, plans, special projects and projects, so as to strive for Shanghai to undertake more national tasks in strategic emerging industries. In the aspect of mechanism connection, establish the coordination mechanism of relevant municipal commissions and offices, and strengthen communication with the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national energy administration and other departments; We will improve the coordination mechanism between comprehensive departments and professional fields within the committee, strengthen counterpart contacts with leading departments and bureaus of national ministries and commissions and professional departments and bureaus, and achieve active and seamless docking. In terms of planning docking, the city will strive for more content to enter the special planning and project guide for national strategic emerging industries. In terms of special docking, it organized the implementation of relevant special projects launched by the state, strengthened the contact with relevant departments and bureaus of national ministries and commissions, tracked the dynamics of the launch and implementation of special projects, and recommended Shanghai projects to enter special projects. In terms of project docking, we established, enriched and improved the project library of strategic emerging industries, and further implemented the city's supporting policies

3. Launch the implementation of key special projects. In accordance with the opinions of Shanghai on the implementation of cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries and the 12th Five Year Plan, resources were gathered to promote the implementation of 11 key projects

(1) for the large-scale integrated circuit project, accelerate the implementation of Huali microelectronics 909 project upgrading and transformation project, ensure the mass production of 10000 pieces of production line, and promote the construction of 20000 pieces of monthly production line; We will focus on supporting the design of core chips such as mobile communications and digital television, expand the industrialization of etchers and high-end silicon-based materials, and continue to build a national integrated circuit R & D center

(2) civil aviation special projects: track the latest progress of major national aero-engine and gas turbine science and technology projects, and strive for the main body of major aero-engine special projects to settle in Shanghai. According to the structure of the experimental machine, it can be simply divided into two categories: mechanical safety protection and electronic safety protection; Focus on cultivating first-class suppliers of civil aviation manufacturing industry, focus on supporting core projects such as large composite components of civil aircraft and their processes and equipment, and encourage domestic and foreign enterprises to invest in the development of aircraft engines, avionics systems, hydraulic systems and other equipment; Pre study the layout planning of supporting products in the east of Zhuqiao and the port industrial zone

(3) cloud computing special project: implement the cloud sea plan, build typical demonstration projects, promote cloud computing applications, support the construction of cloud computing public service platforms, establish a cloud computing joint laboratory, build a Shanghai cloud computing exhibition and experience center, and actively strive for the listing of the national cloud computing demonstration Center; Start the construction of Yangshan cloud sea data center phase I, and strive for the settlement of Microsoft office365 China operation center in Shanghai

(4) IOT special project, organize and implement major IOT application demonstration projects, and implement IOT application demonstration projects in health care, urban safety, intelligent security, traffic management and other fields; Actively organize enterprises to undertake the national IOT special projects, strengthen the key link technology research and industrialization of MEMS, sensors, group technology and information security, and strengthen the construction of IOT standard system

(5) the next generation network project (interconnection, communication, radio and television) focuses on supporting the R & D and industrialization of IPv6 standard G-bit passive optical networks and other products, the R & D of TD-LTE multi-mode fusion chips and terminals, and the development of mobile Internet application software

(6) new display projects, accelerate the breakthrough of AM-OLED mass production process, and research and start the construction of high-generation AM-OLED production lines; Build Shanghai semiconductor lighting R & D and testing platform, focus on promoting Yingrui optoelectronic led project, and accelerate the implementation of blue light graphics substrate project; Promote the development of key supporting industries for small and medium-sized TFT-LCD panels and develop laser display technology

(7) smart electricity special project, focusing on the development of R & D and industrialization of core technologies such as new energy access and control, high-capacity electric energy storage and high-temperature superconductivity; Accelerate the construction of national technology R & D platforms such as the national energy smart power R & D center and the national smart power user end product (system) quality supervision and inspection center; We will promote demonstration projects of energy storage systems such as sodium sulfur batteries, fluid vanadium batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries, and accelerate the R & D and industrialization of high-temperature superconducting tapes and superconducting power equipment

(8) special project for new energy high-end equipment, focusing on the development of key components such as wind turbines and generators of more than 2 MW, and the main equipment of the third generation nuclear power island based on AP1000 and cap1400 technologies. Focus on the promotion of MOCVD projects such as micro and ideal, ideal PECVD and LPCVD projects, and equipment projects for producing polycrystalline silicon by new energy metallurgy, so as to form mass production and application capacity

(9) the special project of intelligent manufacturing focuses on the development of high-end instruments and automatic control systems, high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, industrial robots, special robots and service robots, high-end engineering machinery and construction equipment, and creates an industrial cluster of intelligent manufacturing equipment

(10) special projects for new energy vehicles and automotive electronics, strengthen the protection of science and technology, policies and supporting facilities, and promote the sustainable development of new energy vehicles and the improvement of the use environment. Focus on promoting the mass production and listing of Roewe E50 electric cars and plug-in Roewe 550 cars, and promote the introduction of major projects such as A123 cells and the mass production of motor projects such as liandian and Huayu; Form the application scale of more than 1000 electric vehicles; Focus on supporting the development of electric power steering control system (EPS) and diesel EFI control system; Actively promote the construction of new energy vehicles and car union demonstration projects

(11) the special program of satellite navigation focuses on supporting the R & D and industrialization of key technologies such as satellite navigation multi system (GNSS) compatible positioning and communication assisted satellite positioning (a-gnss), and the industrialization of Beidou's high-precision positioning and measurement receiver chips, modules and terminals compatible with other GNSS

plan, deploy and launch new special projects in new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection, offshore engineering equipment, high-end software and other fields. At the same time, we will strengthen forward-looking research, select a number of key directions and major projects in emerging industries that Shanghai has and is able to undertake from the perspective of world industrial trends, national strategic requirements and actual market demand, strengthen excavation, cultivation and promotion, and continuously inject new impetus into the development of emerging industries in Shanghai

4. Fully promote key projects. Strengthen project management, do a good job in tracking service management of major and key projects of high-tech industrialization, and strive to complete a batch of projects on schedule and reach the production capacity. Rolling forward projects under construction to ensure that major projects such as the three large passenger aircraft centers, AVIC commercial development R & D center and installation and test base, Tianma 4.5 generation AM-OLED and so on achieve their annual goals; Promote the upgrading and transformation of Huali microelectronics 909 project, the commissioning and production of engineering machinery hydraulic parts and other projects, and continue to track and promote the industrialization of ecobo solar thermal power generation, Tencent cloud computing, Sany Heavy Industry, ZTE new power battery and other projects; Promote the early commencement of projects that have been started, such as CSSC Changxing phase II project, Shanghai ideal PECVD and LPCVD industrialization project, Shanghai Pro metallurgical polysilicon equipment base project, high temperature superconducting strip project, blue light convex graphic substrate LED project, smart Island data Industrial Park project, Yunhai data center project, etc. Strive for the early implementation of the projects under discussion, such as avic-ge civil aircraft avionics R & D, civil aircraft avionics Industrial Park project and nuclear power control joint venture project. Strive for the implementation of Microsoft cloud computing and other projects. Strive to add a number of major projects, adhere to open development, drive the upstream and downstream support of the industrial chain, and strive to recruit one, introduce a group, and form a batch. We will actively promote the implementation of key projects in offshore engineering equipment, intelligent manufacturing equipment, civil aviation supporting facilities and other fields

5. Build an industrial innovation system. Focus on key areas of strategic emerging industries, give full play to the role of enterprises as the main body of innovation, and promote breakthroughs in a number of key new products and technologies. We will improve the system of enterprise technology centers at the national, municipal, district and county levels, strive to add more national recognized enterprise technology centers and national technological innovation demonstration enterprises, and build a number of national innovation platforms. Track and promote a number of major technological breakthroughs with industrialization prospects. Such as new solar cell technology, sensors based on MEMS technology, high-end numerical control and basic manufacturing equipment technology, deep-water dynamic positioning control system technology, etc. Deepen industry university research cooperation. Work with the Municipal Science and technology and education departments to strengthen the linkage between enterprises and the Shanghai Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and well-known universities, promote about 20 Industrial Innovation Alliances with enterprises as the main body and industry university research as the support, focus on promoting 100 industry university research cooperation projects, establish channels such as demand docking, professional docking and regular docking, and promote the improvement of the conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements. Strengthen industrial intellectual property rights and standardization. We will create about 20 enterprises with intellectual property advantages, implement the patent new product plan and the special plan for the standardization of emerging industries, strive for offshore wind power testing centers to obtain national qualifications, and strive for more testing centers, testing platforms and standards committees in emerging industries to settle in Shanghai

6. Strengthen demonstration and application. Actively explore the demonstration application operation mode and working mechanism that adapt to the market, cultivate the market demand of emerging industries, and focus on promoting yangpuxin in smart electricity

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