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High end equipment manufacturing industry will become a new fulcrum of the machinery industry

since this year, the machinery industry has continued the downward trend of growth last year, with six major economic indicators, including industrial added value, total output value, realized profits, foreign exchange earning through export, product output and fixed asset investment, showing a downward trend. According to the data, from January to September 2012, the machinery industry grew by 8.6% year-on-year, 1.3 percentage points lower than the national average industrial growth rate. Among the 12 industrial industries, the growth rate of added value has dropped to the 10th

at the 2012 national machinery industry economic situation report meeting, Cai Weici, executive vice president of China machinery 4 and mass Industry Federation, showed that the current growth rate of China's machinery industry has basically bottomed out, and it is unlikely to continue to decline significantly in the future. Taking on the downward pressure this year, the industry situation will remain tight next year, and the whole industry still needs to be prepared for a "tight day"

caiweici said that in the fourth quarter, the machinery industry will continue to operate at a low speed at the bottom, and is expected to achieve a pattern of "early decline to find the bottom, late low stabilization or slight recovery" throughout the year. Looking ahead to 2013, the business environment of the machinery industry will remain severe, the domestic demand and export situation are not expected to recover significantly, and the market pressure on structural adjustment and upgrading will not be weakened

"in the future, it will be difficult for the machinery industry to achieve ultra-high growth, but it can still maintain moderate growth." Cai Weici believes that, on the one hand, the high-speed economic growth supported by the high-speed demand growth in the middle and late stages of industrialization will inevitably slow down with the slowing down of demand growth; On the other hand, the increasing demand for high growth quality of one high-precision wire encoder will force the machinery industry to speed up innovation drive, while emerging industries such as high-end equipment manufacturing industry that remember to cut off power in time will gradually become new support points

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