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Introduction to the construction of high-grade highway connecting Southeast Asia in Yunnan Province: Yunnan Province has a 4060 km border line, 26 counties and cities in the province respectively border with Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar, and a total of more than 90 external channels lead to Southeast Asia. Yunnan Province is speeding up the construction of international high-grade highways connecting Southeast Asia. There are three international highways from Kunming to Bangkok, Kunming to Yangon and Kunming to Hanoi with serious oil leakage in the oil system

Yunnan Province has a 4060 km border. There are 26 counties and cities bordering Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar respectively. There are more than 90 external channels leading to Southeast Asia. Yunnan Province is speeding up the construction of international high-grade highways connecting Southeast Asia. The three international highways Kunming Bangkok, Kunming Yangon and Kunming Hanoi in Yunnan are gradually realizing high-grade highway construction, and several key works in the near future have been arranged and graded. It has also been listed as the preferred project for Greater Mekong sub regional cooperation and ASEAN Mekong 1 and automobile lightweight development cooperation

the 1850km long Kunman highway runs from Kunming, Yunnan Province, through Laos to Bangkok, Thailand, of which the section in Yunnan is 704km long. At the end of last year, the 147 kilometer highway from Yuanjiang to Mohei of Yunnan section of Kunman highway with a loan of US $250million from the Asian Development Bank was completed and opened to traffic. This year, we will continue to increase investment and speed up the progress of the project

in addition, at the Greater Mekong sub Regional Economic Cooperation leaders' meeting, China, Laos and Thailand officially decided to invest 1/3 of each in the construction of the Laos section of the Kunming Bangkok highway. China and Laos have signed the project protocol. The Laos section of the Kunman highway assisted by China makes foaming difficult and is expected to start this spring. At present, international passenger buses from Kunming, Simao and Jinghong in Yunnan, China to Vientiane, Luang Prabang and fengshali in Laos have been opened

the mileage of Kunming Yangon International high-grade highway is 1857 km. In 1993, the Asian Development Bank loaned us $150million for the construction of Chuxiong Dali Expressway in Yunnan section of Kunming Yangon International Highway, making the project start five years ahead of schedule. At present, about 630 km of the 770 km Kunming Ruili section of Kunming Yangon highway in Yunnan has achieved high-speed and high-grade. At present, Yunnan Province is stepping up the reconstruction of the 132 km Anning Chuxiong class II special automobile highway of the Yunnan section of Kunming Yangon highway into an expressway

the total length of Kunming Hanoi International high-grade highway is 775 kilometers, the Kunming Hekou section in Yunnan is 447 kilometers, and the Laojie Hanoi section in Vietnam is 328 kilometers. The project of transforming the Kunhe international highway Shilin Mengzi into an expressway was also included in the highway construction plan of Yunnan Province in 2004

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