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Southeast Asian style has a mysterious tone that cannot be explained clearly. It is not only related to Southeast Asian countries such as India, Thailand and Indonesia, but also mixed with all elements with the mysterious sense that cannot be explained clearly in oriental culture. Although in a few words, we can't completely describe the "Southeast Asian style" clearly, many things are closely connected, such as cool rattan chairs, Tess pillows, exquisite wood carvings, lifelike bergamot, charming veil, etc. when all these are harmoniously compatible in one room, we can accurately feel the elegant and leisure atmosphere of Southeast Asia

fragrant and gorgeous Southeast Asian customs write all the enchanting home

I like intertwined vines, solid wood with beautiful texture, quiet style, and rich to dizzy colors. All the complex leads my eyes to Southeast Asian style

fragrant Southeast Asian style writes all about infatuated home

the early Southeast Asian style emphasizes elegance, fragrance and charm, but with the accumulation of life, Southeast Asian style has also abandoned some flashiness, precipitated the classic elements that are durable, and gradually developed into today's "new Southeast Asian style", or can be called "classic Southeast Asian style". In this style, household items are more integrated into modern simplicity, condensing Asian culture into a series of symbols with strong symbolic meaning, and through the collocation of different materials and colors, they have produced more colorful changes while retaining their own characteristics

fragrant and gorgeous Southeast Asian style write all the enchanted home

many furniture styles and materials of Southeast Asian style are very simple, but they make good use of various colors and reflect their brilliance and magnificence through soft decoration, so that the overall effect looks layered, primary and secondary, and the collocation is very suitable. Therefore, if you grasp its essence and create a Southeast Asian style home environment, you don't have to fight hard. Sometimes you just need some small objects to achieve it easily. Southeast Asian home furnishings are in line with the decoration concept of heavy decoration advocated now. They neither blindly pursue luxury nor indulge in ambiguity. In short, they enjoy extreme comfort under an exotic atmosphere, pay attention to details and soft decoration, and know how to use contrast to create an atmosphere. Calm and warm coexist

Xiangyan Southeast Asian style writes all about infatuated home

Southeast Asian style home has no strict restrictions on color, but most of them are mainly dark colors, and some are dotted with bright and rich colors. Such as warm dark brown, dazzling gold, charming dark red, mysterious lotus root purple, calm dark green and other colors, are often used on a large scale, revealing a bit of aristocratic atmosphere without trace, creating a calm atmosphere and magnificent exotic atmosphere

charming Southeast Asian style, full of fascination with home





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