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At present, solid wood furniture is favored by consumers for its novel style and color. In addition, in recent years, the market competition of solid wood furniture is fierce, and the price also begins to slowly move towards the third and Western tier cities, and solid wood furniture also begins to slowly enter every household. Next, Xiaobian will introduce the misunderstanding of purchasing solid wood furniture

mistakes in the purchase of solid wood furniture

1. The finger joint plate cannot be used, and its stability is not good, and the glue

finger joint plate is actually a solid wood material formed through secondary processing. This kind of plate has poor stability, and its aesthetics will be relatively poor. If handled properly, its environmental protection performance is no different from that of solid wood sawn timber

2. In the past, woodworking furniture rarely cracked, so it's better to be manual.

furniture cracking is not caused by manual or mechanical processing, but in industrial and chemical production, once the moisture content is not well controlled, it's easy to crack solid wood furniture, so it's better to be manual

3. Some businesses sell big core boards as solid wood panels.

big core boards are only made of two veneers glued and spliced between them, and there are solid wood strips inside and outside, so they are confusing. They are mainly used for packing wooden doors, heating hoods, etc. However, the furniture made with them can only be called wood-based panel furniture

4. Solid wood furniture cracks and deforms. Merchants argue that this is the characteristics of furniture, and there is no way to change it.

although solid wood furniture is prone to wet expansion and dry shrinkage, as long as the production process is in place and the seams are in place, solid wood furniture is not easy to crack and deform. In the production process of solid wood furniture, the key is the wood drying process. If the drying is not done well, the made furniture is easy to crack and deform

5. Solid wood furniture is equal to all solid wood furniture

solid wood furniture does not use any form of artificial board, and the manufacturing process of all solid wood furniture is very high, and the surface is not covered, so the price of solid wood furniture will be relatively expensive

6. Solid wood furniture is absolutely environment-friendly

many consumers believe that solid wood furniture is absolutely environment-friendly. When you buy solid wood furniture, you can rest easy without formaldehyde and other harmful substances. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. It also depends on the processing technology of furniture and the use of paving materials. Although some furniture is made of solid wood, paint, glue and other substances are harmful, which will also lead to the non environmental protection of solid wood furniture

editor's summary: This is the introduction of the misunderstanding about the purchase of solid wood furniture, hoping to help you. You can pay attention to information if you want to know more about it





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