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The life in the sunshine room is certainly enjoyable, but the cleaning and maintenance of the sunshine room is also necessary to ensure your pursuit of life


life in the sunshine room is enjoyable, but cleaning and maintenance of the sunshine room are also necessary to ensure your pursuit of life. In Roland Sini's today's headline, many netizens asked Xiaobian, "although the sunshine room is good, it is not easy to clean and maintain. What methods can be used to clean it without any trouble?" I think you also encounter the same confusion. Here I will nag a little, hoping to help you

sunshine room cleaning is indeed a headache for people who do not understand the method. Because of its structure, it is indeed difficult to clean, but it is also easy to master the secret:

first, wash with air pressure and steam

prepare a water gun for car washing in the sunshine room, and wash when the weather is good. Because the water gun has a certain air pressure, it can clean the dust and garbage on the roof to a certain extent. Start washing with water with detergent. When it's almost clean, just wash it with clean water. (the detergent can be soft or neutral detergent, not ordinary soap and washing powder, nor strong acid-base cleaners such as decontamination powder and toilet cleaner)

Second, use the door and window cleaner with the length of the handle

to pull the telescopic rod apart, and it is easier to reach it. If it is not long enough, tie a bamboo rod again, so that the cleaning is more labor-saving. The cleaning sponge of this cleaner has strong decontamination ability, is not rigid, and will not damage the surface of the object during cleaning, making the heavy cleaning work simple

III. If you don't want to clean it yourself, you can also ask a professional cleaning company

daily maintenance of sunshine room:

1 When the doors and windows of the sunshine room are in use, the action should be light, and the push and pull should be natural; If there is a problem, don't pull or push hard, but first eliminate the fault

2. Dust accumulation and deformation are the main reasons for the difficulty of pushing and pulling. To keep the doors and windows clean, especially the push-pull groove, you can use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust accumulation in the groove and the sealing top

3. When cleaning the doors and windows of the sunshine room, people should not stand on the frame, nor pull the aluminum frame as a support; Soft or neutral detergent can be used for cleaning doors and windows. Do not use ordinary soap and washing powder, nor strong acid-base detergent such as detergent and toilet cleaner

4. After a rainy day, wipe the wet glass and door and window frames in time. Pay special attention to wipe the accumulated water in the chute. The friction of the chute will increase after a long time. You can add a little oil or wax oil

5. The connecting parts of the sunshine room should be checked frequently, the bolts should be tightened in time, and the vulnerable parts of aluminum alloy doors and windows such as damaged parts, locating pins, wind braces, ground springs should be replaced. They should be checked frequently and lubricated regularly to keep them clean and flexible

6. The sealing wool and glass sealant are the key parts to ensure the sealing and insulation of doors and windows. If they fall off, they should be repaired and replaced in time, and the joint of doors and windows and sunshine room should be checked frequently. If they become loose over time, it is easy to deform the whole frame and affect the normal use of doors and windows of sunshine room


well, as long as the cleaning and maintenance of the aluminum alloy sunshine room are done well, it can be better maintained, and its service life can be extended. Villa sunshine room is a yearning for nature, in which people can relax and enjoy their favorite sunshine room. So don't be lazy if you like sunshine room





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