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Office building decoration design is a decoration design and construction activity to improve people's office quality. People not only pursue the comfort and warmth of office building decoration, but also require convenient and safe furniture and facilities. In the decoration design, the owners, interior designers and constructors only pay attention to the overall effect produced by the decoration design, but they do not pay much attention to the problems that may occur in the use of the decoration design as a fixed project, as well as the methods of repair and change

the delivery link is essential, and the owner should not ignore the new house because he is overjoyed. If the house is not delivered carefully, the owner must suffer from the quality problems of the house, and the developer naturally bears little responsibility. Next, Xiaobian will introduce the delivery standards and decoration design principles of office buildings

office building delivery standard

I. hardware facilities

at present, the hardware of Grade A office buildings in the market is divided into the following aspects, which is characterized by science and technology and innovation

1. Building type: frame or steel structure, with seismic resistance above magnitude 8 earthquake

2. Office space: it can provide office space that can be flexibly separated to adapt to various changes

3. Standard floor height: the indoor clear height is more than 2.6m (the clear height behind the ceiling of the floor)

4. Standard bearing: the floor bearing is more than 2.5kn/m2

5. Power supply system: two-way power supply (equipped with backup power supply facilities), and the power supply capacity of the office is more than 80w/m2

6. Air conditioning system: international well-known brand central air conditioning system, users can adjust indoor temperature and humidity according to their own requirements. The air conditioning system has the ability of regional control, and the fresh air volume is more than 30 cubic meters/person/hour

7. Elevator: international famous brand, each elevator has a service area of less than 3900 square meters/ton? Platform, waiting time for elevator shall not exceed 30 seconds

8. Parking space: provide 1 motor parking space per 60-90 square meters of rental area, and realize intelligent and efficient management

9. Water supply system: 24 hot and cold water supply, with reclaimed water treatment system

10. Intelligent system: reach 5A level standard

Office (OA): reserve more than 50va/m2 of OA power load, and use network floor or ground trunking for office OA wiring

communication (CA): the computer network communication system arrives at all offices to provide other international and domestic long-distance voice and data communication conditions; Gigabit into the home, 100 trillion to the table

building (BA): the main electromechanical design is managed by computer, and its operation status is monitored to realize the automatic control of pipelines

fire protection (FA): fire protection television monitoring, installation of smoke, temperature, automatic fire alarm and automatic spraying devices

security guard (SA): the key parts of security guard (lobby, elevator, etc.) are equipped with TV monitoring computer and automatic patrol

II. Decoration

1 Facade: aluminum plate, glass curtain wall, local high-grade stone and other materials

2. Lobby: there is a lobby. The floor of the lobby should be made of marble, granite, natural stone, etc., the wall should be made of marble, granite or high-grade wallpaper and other materials, there should be a ceiling, and the columns should be made of marble, stainless steel and other materials

3. Elevator hall: high grade decorative materials shall be used, and the ground shall be stone; There should be stainless steel, marble or wooden door covers

4. Corridor: high grade with rubber blanket or stone floor, high-grade sound-absorbing material ceiling

5. Toilet: imported brand-name sanitary ware, high-quality, low-noise, full-length stone wash table, equipped with full-length face mirror, hand sanitizer box, electric dry cell phone, toilet paper, high-grade waterproof and moisture-proof ceiling, wash table, face mirror parts to improve the illumination, high-grade ceramic tile or stone wall, ground, front room space can have enough space to meet the user's physical appearance requirements

6. Office: washable wallpaper or high-grade latex paint on the wall, high-grade sound-absorbing material ceiling, brush high-grade latex paint, block rubber mat carpet floor

7. Ecological space: a high-end office building should have some green ecological space layout to increase the internal landscape of the office building

III. commercial supporting facilities

grade A office buildings should have the following commercial supporting facilities and living facilities:

1 Staff restaurant, with high-end restaurants of appropriate scale

2. Business center providing multiple services

3. Multi function hall/conference room

4. Post office, bank, ticket center

5. Small shopping malls, express services

office building decoration design principles

1. Lighting: Huang Wangqing, chairman of Yaxin decoration company, believes that the office building design should try to increase the amount of lighting, and artificial light sources can not replace sunlight. In the design, try to make less shading partitions and use less ground glass

2. Ventilation: in order to ensure air circulation, unnecessary partitions should be avoided in the design of office buildings. Ventilation should also be considered first for partitions that must be made

3. Sound insulation: the sound insulation effect of the office building design must be good enough to ensure that the activity area and the rest area do not affect each other

4. Environmental protection: in addition to the environmental protection of materials, attention should also be paid to noise pollution and visual pollution in the design of office buildings; Noise pollution in the design should consider the use of sound-absorbing materials, such as wall texture treatment. The prevention of visual pollution, for example, do not use too much color contrast

editor's summary: This is the introduction of office building delivery standards and office building decoration design principles. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information





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