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Although the climate in spring is conducive to decoration, many details in decoration should also be paid attention to. The following is a real record of a netizen's house inspection. Let's take a look at the details of the acceptance

the installation points of household distribution box are:

1) it should be installed in a dry and ventilated place without obstructions, which is convenient to use. Never install the distribution box in the box to prevent fire

2) the distribution box should not be installed too high. Generally, the installation elevation is 1.8m for easy operation

3) the electric pipe entering the distribution box must be fixed with locking nuts

4) if the distribution box needs to be perforated, the edge of the hole must be smooth and bright

5) the distribution box embedded in the wall should be vertical and horizontal, with a gap of 5-6 mm at the edge

6) the wiring in the distribution box should be regular and tidy, and the terminal screws must be fastened

7) the incoming line of each circuit must be of sufficient length without joints

8) the name of each circuit shall be indicated after installation

9) after installation, the residues in the distribution box must be cleaned




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