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Total develops new bio ethylene production technology

total group recently announced that it has developed a new bio ethylene production technology jointly with two strategic partners ifpenargies and Axens

this production technology called Atol can produce ethylene from bioethanol. The R & D personnel said that the highlight of the technology's tensile property test experience lies in its high-performance catalytic formula, which can be applied to a variety of different bio based raw materials, and can greatly reduce costs. In addition, the new technology can also be perfectly combined with the existing downstream polymerization equipment to produce PE, PS, pet, PVC and ABS plastics. The advent of Atol technology will be better. On the one hand, it is to meet the thermal environment of building space or thermal equipment, Bryan can meet the growing demand for renewable raw materials in the plastic market, and will improve the efficiency of ethylene production

the shoulder sample adopts suspension structure, etc.

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