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Total's subsidiary has developed low shrinkage resin additives

domestic automobile enterprises have come to consult

crayvalley, the world's leading supplier of special resins, recently successfully developed a resin additive product with low shrinkage, and named it norsolook. Norsolook is an additive product developed by Cleverley company to meet the current needs in the field of composite materials. This series of products can be widely used in the fields of molding (s Wu Guanghui put forward three suggestions: 1. Taking the model demand as the traction MC), block molding (BMC), pultrusion and transfer molding (RTM)

according to the market survey of Cleverley, there are two considerable development opportunities for norslook additives in the automotive manufacturing field. On the one hand, this kind of auxiliary products can help improve the sprayability and paint film adhesion of auto parts, whether it is SMC on the assembly line or SMC materials off the line. The sprayability of body and component materials is a very thorny problem, which directly leads to the increase of the final automobile assembly cost. The second business opportunity of norsolook is to help high-end SMC materials have better surface properties. The use of norsolook will effectively improve the surface properties of the material, making the surface of the material more beautiful

for the application of the above two aspects, while developing norsolook, Cleverley also prepared the resin material norsodynem01510 for use with it. In addition, norsodyne's lower VOC emissions and less organic solvent content make the material formula more environmentally friendly and safe

as one of the subsidiaries of total, Cleverley, together with CO, which has the main advantages of Brinell and Rockwell methods, okcompositepolymers and Sartomer, ranks as the second largest resin supplier in the world, with a total sales of 2.2 billion euros

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