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Touch panel factory reduces production and costs: Vietnam Chengxin important place

touch notebook computer market demand for optical fiber cable, metal foil, fiber thread and plastic film, which are difficult to measure in conventional extensometers, is growing slowly, coupled with the rapid rise of Chinese touch panel industry at low prices according to the calculation, making Taiwan's touch panel industry fall into severe adjustment. Not only does f-tpk CHENHONG actively shrink its scale and concentrate on production, but it is estimated that 8000 people will be laid off in the fourth quarter of 2013, striving to reduce costs and survive the cold winter, other big touch manufacturers such as Shenghua technology and Yanghua optoelectronics also accelerate the adjustment for capacity concentration and expand their layout towards Vietnam. Vietnam has become another important overseas base for Taiwan Touch industry outside China

at present, Shenghua's touch front-end process (touch sensor) is still mainly produced in Taiwan factory and the new factory in Dongguan, China, while the capacity (module) of the back-end is under centralized management. Besides Dongguan plant will be an important production base, it has also moved further towards Vietnam plant recently

Shenghua stressed that although the plan of transferring the whole later production capacity to Vietnam may not be completed in 2014, the company will carry out it in stages according to the plan. The goal is to give full play to the benefits of cost savings and management expenses in 2014

in the past, Yanghua's main touch panel production bases were also concentrated in China and Taiwan, and the scale of Vietnam factory was limited. However, due to the continuous increase of labor costs in China, Yanghua has also started centralized production from the third quarter of 2013. The two major production bases in the future may be Huizhou plant in China and Vietnam plant. It is expected that preliminary cost-effectiveness can be achieved as soon as the fourth quarter of 2013 to the first quarter of 2014

on the other hand, another important consideration for Yanghua to accelerate the relocation of production capacity to Vietnam also includes the strategy of cooperating with customers. Because one of Yanghua's main customers (Samsung) plans to increase the proportion of production in Vietnam, and requires downstream suppliers to follow up and set up factories in Vietnam and supply nearby. Yanghua expands the production scale of Yuequan electric drive with a higher price, which is also conducive to supplying customers nearby

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