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Total's North Sea natural gas field has a serious leak or will cause an explosion

Zhongguang Beijing, March 30, according to voice of China's "CNR" report, on March 25, the Elgin Franklin natural gas field in the North Sea of the United Kingdom, the French energy giant Total, suffered a serious leak. According to media reports, this is the most serious safety accident of total in the North Sea in the past decade. According to statistics, 23 tons of natural gas leaked within 24 hours of the incident. Experts warned that high-purity natural gas may cause explosion accidents and cause very serious pollution to the sea area

it has been nearly a week since Sunday's accident, and total is still trying to stop the oil leakage of Elgin natural gas drilling platform in the North Sea of Britain. They cleared the sea area within a radius of 2 miles around the gas field and set a no fly zone within a radius of 3 miles. On the night of the incident, they evacuated 238 staff working on the drilling platform. At present, investors are estimating the losses caused by the accident, the cost of repair and the possible fines for damaging the environment. Since the first domestic physical entrepreneurship platform, Jinmin we work, was released on Tuesday, the market value of total has shrunk by nearly $9billion

according to statistics, 23 tons of natural gas have leaked within 24 hours after the accident. Experts said that such high-purity natural gas is likely to cause explosion accidents and cause very serious pollution to the sea area. David hansworth, the director in charge of environment and safety of total UK branch, said in an interview with the BBC that it is likely to take as long as six months to completely plug the leakage of "characteristics of helmet impact resistance testing machine", "wdw-s digital display electronic universal testing machine (portal)"

on the 29th Beijing time, it was reported that analysts' preliminary expectations showed that if the natural gas well of French oil giant total in the North Sea leaks and causes an explosion, total may face losses of up to $8billion. If it takes only a few months or six months to fix the vulnerability, total will lose $3billion. However, total has refuted the possibility of an explosion on the Elgin platform near Scottish waters. If total can quickly plug this vulnerability and resume production within two weeks, the minimum cost of the accident should be about US $150million

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