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At present, China has entered the rainy season and flood season, and the importance of safe electricity use on construction sites in the rainy season has gradually become prominent. The safe production of the support project is the basis for the smooth stop of the construction. 2. The safe and stable operation at all speeds is the basis for the completion of various management goals. The safe management of electricity on the construction site, especially in the rainy season, is one of the primary links in the safe management of construction, which will directly affect the safety of life and wealth in the process of project support. Therefore, all construction sites must adhere to the goal of "prevention first, safety first", do a good job in the safe handling of electricity use in the rainy season, strictly implement the rules and regulations of electricity use safety, improve and perfect the guarantee methods of electricity use safety in the rainy season, implement the safe production system of electricity use in the rainy season and the mass prevention and control system, and ensure the safety of supporting engineering and construction workers

understand that each has its own responsibility

China has a Thunderstorm Climate in summer, and the special scene is a general premise, especially the extreme climate has a great impact on the safety of all construction sites. At the same time, the external and internal water, electricity, roads and other environmental conditions at the construction site also affect the safety of the construction. In order to ensure the safety of construction electricity in rainy season, the construction enterprise should first establish the concept of "prevention first", establish and improve the enterprise's safe handling system, perfect the enterprise's safe production system, understand the remuneration of the legal representative of the enterprise, the first person to support the construction safe production task in flood season, and comprehensively arrange the enterprise's safe production task in rainy season

the natural environment such as hydrology, geology and kindness of the construction site, the rest and homework environment such as ventilation, lighting, safety and health protection measures, and the management environment of cross coordinated construction by multiple units and disciplines will have an impact on the safety of the project. Therefore, the first person must grasp and adapt to the changeable environment of the construction site. For the construction in rainy season, we should also formulate superstitious, economic and targeted measures to prevent accidents, which is one of the earliest environmentally friendly plastic packaging materials in the market, and adopt the protective measures of care, such as changing the revenue and expenditure production process, setting up Enron assembly, preventive electrical cut-off inspection, fair use of labor protection supplies, etc., so that the Enron of the supervision project can be controlled

before the rainy season, in order to ensure the safe use of electricity on the construction site, the first person of the project should first do several preventive tasks: first, all kinds of dew also choose the same method, and the electrical equipment used every day should be placed in a higher and boring place. The second is to provide reliable rain proof measures for the main distribution box, distribution box and switch box. The electric welding machine should be equipped with a rain cover. Third, before the rainy season, check whether the lighting and power lines are mixed and discharged, and whether the poles are corroded, buried and loose, so as to prevent electric shock. Fourth, before the rainy season, check whether the neutral connection and grounding protection methods of the on-site electrical equipment are solid. In addition to the protective neutral connection of the effective electrical equipment on the construction site, it is also necessary to install a discharge protector at the head end of the equipment load to check whether the discharge shelter assembly is flexible and whether the wire insulation discussion is outstanding. For the electrical equipment switch box, water pump control box and discharge protector in the movable box used in wet occasions, the extra discharge action current (the parameter of discharge protection, that is, when the discharge current is reached, the discharge protector starts action) is not greater than 15mA, and the action time is less than 0.1s. Fifth, pay close attention to the scene, generally announce the forecast, and before the rainstorm and other dangerous situations come, the construction site should have the right to use electricity. Except for lighting, drainage and emergency power, all other power sources should be blocked. Sixth, it is necessary to check and eliminate all potential accidents at the construction site in time, and place the project progress and procedures reasonably according to the climate change in the rainy season, so as to ensure the safety of front-line operators

construction enterprises should also establish a special Enron supervision and management organization, equip full-time management staff, and strengthen the supervision and inspection of Enron production tasks of various projects. When the rainy season comes, a rainy season electricity safety management team can be set up to do a good job in the promotion of electricity safety management and electrical safety knowledge in the rainy season, and the management of on-site distribution boxes, rain proof coverage of electrical equipment and other centralized management. It is stipulated that electricians are responsible for the handling of public distribution boxes and the installation and maintenance of all distribution boxes, switches and lines, and other staff are not allowed to move casually

do a good job in various preventive measures

the power consumption on the construction site is generally the right and use of power. According to the requirements of JGJ "technical standard for the right and use of power on the construction site", large and medium-sized production and support projects should follow the right and use of power standard on the construction site, and the construction organization design should be stopped accordingly. Ts-s power supply shall be adopted at the construction site, and a detailed Enron technology assurance method shall be formulated according to the relevant provisions of the Enron technology standard for the right and power utilization of the on-site power lines, distribution boxes, equipment that can withstand the rain, flooding, line insulation damage and other environments according to the characteristics that electric shock is easy to occur in the rainy season

before construction in rainy season, the construction party shall stop a comprehensive inspection of the on-site distribution lines, motor insulation and rain proof function of equipment, and make records; For equipment equipped with lightning protection shelter on site, check the connection quality of lightning rod and downlead, detect the grounding resistance value of grounding assembly, and make a record; During construction in rainy season, it is required that the site must be checked on schedule once a week; Xushengming, a professor of Tsinghua University and vice president of Jiangxi University of technology, said that the equipment could not be put into operation until it passed the inspection after the rain. When encountering rainy weather or extreme weather, the electrical workers at the construction site should try their best to prevent stopping outdoor work

before the rainy season, the person in charge of the project should organize forces to make a complete inspection of each distribution box, electrical equipment, internal service wires and cable incoming lines on the site, and adopt the rain proof and moisture-proof shelter methods, including the devices of electrical equipment, the cable circuit protection on the construction site, the formulation of lightning protection methods and the perfection of various handling systems, etc

1. The distribution box of electrical equipment in rainy season must be rainproof and waterproof, and the installation of electrical appliances is appropriate. The electrical components must not be damaged, and it is strictly prohibited to expose live parts. The connecting wires of distribution boxes and switch boxes should be insulated cables, The switch box implements the "one machine, one box, one switch and one leakage" system (one machine, i.e. a self-supporting electrical equipment, such as tower crane, concrete mixer, steel bar blocking machine, etc.; one box, i.e. a self-supporting distribution box; one switch, i.e. electrical equipment with relatively open points, such as circuit breaker; one leakage, i.e. power discharge protector). The metal shell of motor equipment must adopt reliable grounding or neutral protection

2. The cable lines at the construction site shall not be damaged, and the power lines shall not use bare wires and plastic wires, nor shall they be laid in the air to prevent fires caused by short circuits

before the rainy season, it is necessary to check whether the portable electric switch is flexible. The voltage of lighting lamps and marker lamps on the construction site shall not exceed 36V; In particularly humid occasions and metal pipes and containers, the lighting lamp shall not exceed 12V to ensure the safe use of electricity

understand the person in charge of power and contact style on the distribution box

3 Do a good job in lightning protection methods

before the rainy season and flood season, when building the construction site, you should also do a good job in lightning protection methods for circuits

tower cranes, external elevators, steel pipe scaffolds, cross frames, gantry frames and other high-rise measures, as well as kiln tail towers and other projects under construction, should be equipped with reliable lightning rods and other lightning protection measures

the rail of tower crane shall be generally equipped with two groups of grounding assemblies. For longer tracks, a group of grounding assemblies shall be made every 20m

on metal frames such as well frames and portal hangers with a height of 20m or more, the middle pole on one side of the frame can be raised 2m above the top as a lightning arrester (a kind of lightning protection assembly, located on the top of the lightning protection assembly, whose function is to manipulate its convex position beyond the shelter to lead the lightning to itself and undertake direct lightning discharge). A grounding wire is set at the lower part of the pole and connected with the grounding electrode, At the same time, the metal shell of the winch should also be grounded

the material and height of scaffold make it the focus of lightning protection in rainy season. It is suggested to operate the scaffold along the four sides of the building, heighten it by 2~3m as a lightning arrester, and connect the lower end to the grounding electrode, with the spacing of lightning arresters not exceeding 24m. If the building under construction has raised points, an approximate lightning protection design should also be made. With the lowering of the scaffold, the lightning arrester should also be raised in time

4. Perfect management system

engineering projects must establish and improve the power and electricity management system according to the characteristics of the site, and establish the power and electricity management system of the project site as the general contractor. All power distribution equipment and electrical equipment (distribution box, switch box, hand-held power switch, electric welding machine, etc.) entering the project site must be checked and qualified by the general contractor before they can be used

establish a hierarchical inspection mechanism for normal electricity consumption, that is, the inspection of general contractors and subcontractors, the self inspection of on-site electricians and the supervision and inspection of handling staff

the construction enterprise should also strengthen the right to the project site and the popularization of electricity knowledge. Before entering the rainy season and flood season, the project manager should arrange the education of electricity safety in rainy season construction. Engineers in each region can be responsible for organizing the construction management staff and operating workers in this region, and stop the targeted education and disclosure of electricity safety in rainy season construction. The training time should not be less than 2H

in addition, it is suggested to set up one emergency risk rescue staff in the project department and the construction team respectively. The rescue staff must undergo training in electric shock rescue and other aspects, and stop training on the rescue after electric shock according to the project site emergency plan, be familiar with the on-site rescue method after electric shock, and increase the occurrence of electric shock casualties and accidents

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