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Touch industry has become an important development direction of Chongqing Liangjiang New Area

in the three years since its establishment, Chongqing Liangjiang New Area has actively integrated global advanced elements and actively deployed the electronic information industry with laptop as the core. The industry is changing from nothing to high, from high to new. At present, the global touch and panel industry is surging year by year, stimulated by the continuous positive sales of smart mobile terminals represented by smartphones, tablets and ultrabooks. Touch panel industry is becoming another important direction for Liangjiang New Area to focus on the development of electronic information high-tech industry

Laibao high tech makes a big industry at its fingertips

the total planned investment is about 2.3 billion yuan. Chongqing Laibao Industrial Park, which covers the integrated capacitive touch screen production base and the new display panel R & D and test center, is located in Shuitu high tech park in Liangjiang New Area. The settlement of this project fills the gap in the field of small and medium-sized capacitive touch-screen in our city's electronic manufacturing industry

at present, the main project of Laibao high tech phase I has been completed, and the graphics workshop and molding workshop are being decorated. According to the person in charge of the construction site of Laibao high tech, we will strive to complete the commissioning of the plant in Block B and put it into use by the end of the year. After the production of Laibao gaokeda, a scientific and technological industrial revolution will be launched in the touch screen industry

after the project is completed, it can produce 33million pieces of small-size integrated films per year. Up to now, it accounts for more than 40% of the total plastic packaging materials, including capacitor touch screens and 11million pieces of medium-size integrated capacitor touch screens. At the same time, a display panel research and development test center including research and development of LTPS, AMOLED, oxide semiconductor, Tet, etc. will be built, becoming the second important industrial development base of Laibao high tech after Shenzhen. According to preliminary estimates, the project is expected to achieve an annual output value of 2.682 billion yuan after its completion, and the total annual tax payment is not less than 150million yuan. Laibao gaokeda will start a fingertip revolution in the touch screen industry after its delivery

Chongqing Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the first 15 inch single in China, also received widespread attention at the recent Paris climate conference. Graphene was introduced.

do you want to use the screen to bend and fold back and forth? Using graphene material, it may become a reality. At present, Chongqing Green Intelligent Technology Research Institute of Chinese Academy of pa/pe alloy Sciences (hereinafter referred to as Chongqing Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences), located in Liangjiang New Area, has successfully prepared the first 15 inch single-layer graphene in China. Such a large size has reached the highest level in China

graphene is a single atomic layer planar film composed of carbon atoms, which can be used as the material for preparing the transparent electrode, the core part of the new touch screen. Compared with the existing touch screen materials, graphene has more advantages and is considered to be the thinnest, almost completely transparent and strongest material in the world. It is worth mentioning that graphene also has good flexibility, that is to say, it can bend and fold to a certain extent without causing damage to the screen

at present, Chongqing Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences has grown 15 inch uniform single-layer graphene on copper foil substrate, and successfully transferred it to flexible pet substrate and other substrate surfaces. Through further application, it has also prepared 7 inch graphene touch screen

in the laboratory of Chongqing Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, we saw that researchers pasted the graphene touch screen on the display screen of an ordinary notebook computer. After debugging, they can easily write on the screen with a stylus

it is understood that in 2013, the global demand for touch screens was about 965million, and the output value will exceed US $13billion. By 2015, the demand of tablet computers for large-size touch screens will also reach 230million. This provides a broad market for the application of graphene. If, in other parts of the tablet, Bayer may have the consideration of selling material technology, and the materials have also been improved accordingly, perhaps in the next year, the display screen of the tablet can be truly foldable

it is also understood that Shanghai Nanjiang group will jointly promote the industrialization project of large-scale single-layer graphene with Chongqing Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, with an initial investment of 267million yuan. Recently, the graphene industry base has been successfully settled in Chongqing, and will strive to build the first phase of the production line and put into production within a year, forming a capacity of 10million pieces of graphene

Chongqing's ultra silicon industry has a bright future

in the future, industrial sapphire may replace glass and become the production material of smart and other mobile terminal displays in the future. Chongqing super silicon photoelectric technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating sapphire crystal growth, slicing, grinding, polishing, cleaning, packaging production line, sapphire substrate and artificial crystal research and development. It is an important manufacturer of sapphire substrate materials for LED in China, and it is also the largest display unit module manufacturer in China

at present, the display unit boards produced by this enterprise are in short supply, and the products sell well in screen manufacturers, star hotels, high-end hotels, etc. Phase I of the 1.5 billion yuan inch led sapphire and 8-inch integrated circuit silicon wafer polishing project has been put into operation, and the total output value is expected to reach 260million yuan in 2013. The project can produce 4million 2-inch sapphire chips, 2million 1-inch sapphire chips, 2million 8-inch IC grade silicon chips and 3600kk RGB packages per year, with an annual output value of 3.7 billion yuan

in addition, at the end of 2012, BOE Chongqing's 8th.5th generation new semiconductor display device and system project was settled in Shuitu high tech park in Liangjiang New Area. The implementation of the project will not only help to realize the vertical integration of Chongqing's laptop industry, but also further improve the Liangjiang electronic information industry chain

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