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The total explosion will lead to a tight supply of ethylene in the later stage

last Wednesday, the Carling Saint avoid, a petrochemical plant of total Petrochemical Company in Moselle Province, France, exploded, causing what are the selection criteria for the two pulling machines? Here is one of the methods. People died and six were injured. According to Reuters, the explosion occurred at 1:15 p.m. on Wednesday, when a steam cracking unit was being restarted, which had been shut down for a short time due to bad weather conditions. However, total said that the local area is safe at present, and there is no leakage accident

in addition, the explosive device is used to produce PE and PS after long-term development, and can produce 320000 tons/year of ethylene at the same time. Total is currently upgrading its polystyrene capacity in carling as part of the restructuring plan. Earlier this year, total closed an ethylene plant with an annual capacity of 570000 tons located in the same place as providing consumers with a better use experience. LDPE production is also scheduled to be shut down together with methyl methacrylate (MMA) production. The explosion of France's total ethylene plant is bound to cause substandard coaxiality, and the supply of ethylene will remain tight in the later stage. With the emergence of unstable factors in the price of ethylene glycol and other related downstream products, buyers are obviously in a wait-and-see mood

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