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Is the battle over touch panel patents over? Chen Hong/Shenghua exchanged fire across the air

but touch panel factory PK Chen Hong and Shenghua held shareholders' meetings simultaneously in Taipei and Taichung today (22), respectively. The two sides exchanged fire across the air over patent lawsuits. Huang Xianxiong, chairman of Shenghua, said that the counterclaim against Chen Hong was in the hope of ending the war with war; Chang Jiang Chaorui, the director of Chen Hong, said that Chen Hong's opponent was himself. If he didn't stop fighting, it would be very easy to cause very serious harm; Another example is the bomb yellow war used to shock absorption. Chen Hong is the first company to claim patents in this industry, and is full of confidence in the claim of intellectual property rights

Chen Hong filed a patent infringement complaint against Nokia and oufeiguang at the beginning of this year, and also sued Shenghua subsidiary. Shenghua was unwilling to be outdone. On May 8, Chen Hong filed a counterclaim against the touch technology in Acer's laptop

Jiang Chaorui said that CHENHONG has a long history in the protection of patents. Since 2007, when customers produced a large number of products, CHENHONG has been more cautious in the application of patents. CHENHONG has eliminated VOC exceeding the standard. By the end of last year, it has obtained 404 patents, 852 of which are still under application, ranking the leading position in the industry. Through the patented process and self-developed automation equipment, it has established a competitive pair, and the tightness of installation also needs special attention to the entry barrier that cannot be copied by hand, Confident to win the competition in patent rights. He respects intellectual property rights as well as judicial argumentation. Debate needs time to be proved

Huang Xianxiong said that Shenghua sued Chen Hong for infringement, and Chen Hong put forward the counter control. The main purpose is to end the war with war. As a supplier of parts and components factory, there is no need to stand up for patent claims. At present, the development of touch XY bridging technology has reached 20 years, which is an old technology. At the beginning of the year, Chen Hong sued Nokia to remind Nokia of the ownership of OGS touch patents, but as early as 1994, there was OGS touch technology, and in the application of touch technology in the design of touch circuit under glass, Shenghua has a basic patent. Whether Chen Hong's claim is valid remains to be clarified

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