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Electrical process design of sewage treatment plant (2)

6 BLK comprehensive tank

BLK comprehensive tank is designed at 66000 m3/d and checked at 80000 m3/d. This design adopts two parallel process lines

(1) biological selection pool

main functions: adjust the water quality and quantity, stir at the same time, have the effect of anaerobic treatment, inhibit the growth of filamentous bacteria, and prevent sludge bulking. At the same time, it has the function of hydrolysis and acidification, which can not only biological phosphorus removal but also decolorization, creating conditions for reclaimed water reuse

structure type: reinforced concrete

design parameters: hydraulic retention time hrt=3.8hr

pool depth: h=5.5m

total volume: v=3300m3

quantity: 1

main equipment: 2 submersible agitators

equipment type: High-speed Hybrid submersible mixing device

equipment parameters: rotational speed: n=960rpm

power: n=9kw

control mode: controlled by programmable control system operation or manual control

setting Number of sets: 2 sets

(2) biochemical reaction tank

main functions: under aerobic environment, chuck type change fixture, circular, hexagonal or hexagonal samples, use microorganisms to degrade BOD and COD, and can effectively remove nitrogen and phosphorus through wave oxidation process

structure type: semi aboveground earth dam rectangular tank body, masonry slope protection, Geotextile seepage prevention

design parameters: volume load nv=0.3kgbod/(M3 · d)

sludge concentration MLSS = 4500mg/l

sludge age: θ= 30 days

sludge reflux ratio r=1 00% before theft

hydraulic retention time hrt=1.1d

tank depth: h=5m

total volume: v=72600m3

number of tanks: two joint construction

main equipment:

aeration equipment (floating aeration pipe)

equipment parameters: air flow q= 12m3/piece H

oxygen transfer efficiency e=25%

effective length l=2000mm

number of sets of equipment: two sets, 30 aeration chains

(3) integrated clarifier

main function: vertically separate the activated sludge in the effluent, and the sludge returns to the biological selection tank after concentration

structure type: reinforced concrete

design parameters: surface load q=0.75m/h

total volume v=5800m3

main equipment: 1 set of floating.Type sludge extraction system, A set of sludge power system

equipment type: submersible sludge pump

ay kastoriano, general manager of Yili engineering plastics, and Wang Zhengqiang, deputy general manager of Toyota 1 Automobile Co., Ltd. participated in the theme report

number of equipment: 2 (1 standby)

equipment parameters: flow q=300m3/h

lift: h=10m

power: n=18.5kw

number of tanks: 2

(4) stabilization tanks:

the designed residence time is 2.4hr, and the total volume of the tank is 3050m3, The minimum water depth that will affect the performance of the equipment itself is 5 meters

main equipment: 1 floating aeration pipe

air flow: q=12m3/piece h. Oxygen transfer efficiency e=25%, effective length l=2000mm,

number of pools: two

5 Blower room

the blower room is the key facility to ensure the normal operation of the aeration system. After calculation, to meet the normal operation of the aeration system, six special blowers that can automatically adjust the air supply are set, four for use and two for standby. The design flow of each centrifugal blower is q=6800m3/h, the design maximum wind pressure is p=58.8kpa, and the power is n=160kw. The blower is the equipment with the highest energy consumption in the sewage treatment plant, accounting for about 65% of the energy consumption of the whole plant. Reducing its energy consumption is very critical to reducing the perennial operation cost of the sewage treatment plant. The design starts from the air volume regulation of the blower to reduce energy consumption

there is a dissolved oxygen detector in the integrated tank of BlackRock. The blower can automatically adjust the air supply according to the change of dissolved oxygen. This measure can save more than 10% of energy consumption

muffler and elastic joint are set on the air inlet pipe of each fan, and check valve, safety valve, gate valve elastic joint, outlet muffler, pressure switch, etc. are set on the air outlet pipe of each fan. Pressure gauge, electric valve, flowmeter, thermometer, etc. are installed on the blower and air outlet pipe. The air inlet pipe is equipped with an air filter, which has a dust removal efficiency of 99% for dust greater than 1um

the blower room is equipped with lifting facilities to facilitate equipment maintenance, and roof ventilation facilities are installed

the plane size of the blower room is 21 × 7.2m, 5.5m high

6. Chlorine dioxide generator

after secondary treatment of urban sewage, the water quality has been improved, and the bacterial content has been greatly reduced, but its absolute value is still considerable, and there is the possibility of pathogenic bacteria. According to the requirements of the health and epidemic prevention, environmental protection and other supervision departments, the effluent of the sewage treatment plant needs to be disinfected, and chlorine dioxide is used for disinfection in this project

chlorine dioxide is a broad-spectrum disinfectant, which has a high killing effect on pathogenic microorganisms in water, including viruses, buds, heterotrophic bacteria, sulfate, reducing bacteria and fungi in water distribution pipes. Chlorine dioxide has a strong oxidation effect, so it has a good decolorization effect

the design and operation of the disinfection room is considered to be uninterrupted throughout the year. When chlorine dioxide is used for water disinfection, its dosage is 0.1 to 1.3mg/l; When used for deodorization, the dosage is 0.6 to 1.3mg/l, which is considered as 1.0mg/l in this project. The design amount of chlorine dioxide is 66000 m3/D. the amount of chlorine dioxide is 66kg/d. two chlorine dioxide generators are designed to be synthesized by sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid. The single unit has a capacity of 3kg/h, is equipped with all auxiliary equipment, and is equipped with a double probe alarm. In order to prevent accidents, two sets of chlorine leakage absorption devices

7 are also set Contact pool

the project adopts chlorine dioxide disinfection, and the contact time of disinfection is 0.5hr

in order to ensure the contact time of chlorine dioxide disinfection, the hydraulic retention time in the contact tank is designed as 0.5hr. The plane size is 30m × 17m, 1 set, effective water depth 4.8m, superelevation 0.5m. Reinforced concrete structure

2.2.2 sludge treatment process design

sludge storage tank sludge dehydrator harmless treatment sludge cake outward transportation

1 Sludge circulation

the function of sludge circulation is to pump the return sludge discharged from the clarifier to the biological selection tank and the remaining activated sludge to the sludge storage tank

the returned sludge is lifted by the sludge pump of the clarifier and flows into the biological selection tank by itself

four submersible sewage pumps are used for excess sludge pumps, two for use and two for standby. The main pump parameters are: single flow Q =45m3/h, lift 10m, power 2.2kw

2. Concentrated sludge storage tank

system sludge

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