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The 10th International Symposium on automotive transmission and drive technology (tmc2018) was held as scheduled, and several major auto parts suppliers showed their achievements in new energy vehicle technology. For example, Bosch's e-axis, Schaeffler's HV P2 and 48V P2 modular architecture and key technologies, and ZF's hybrid and electric vehicle HVH control technology

since the power system of electric vehicles no longer needs the support of traditional internal combustion engines, it will undoubtedly completely break the technical barriers established in the past century in the future, and mastering the core technology of three electric vehicles is the competitiveness of future development. Traditional car companies, such as BMW, Daimler, Toyota, general motors, and emerging car manufacturers, such as Tesla, domestic Weilai, Zero run, have chosen to independently develop the three electric system. The market space of traditional component manufacturers has been compressed a lot. Facing the challenges of the future, four auto suppliers have embarked on the transformation of electrification

electrification progress of the four major auto parts manufacturers

Bosch said that there are two challenges in the future, one is IOT, the other is future travel. In view of these two future trends, Bosch's main development directions are electrification, automation and interconnection. Bosch's annual investment in electrification reaches 400million euros, about 3billion yuan. In terms of electric vehicles, Bosch has been developing products covering motors and electronic controls. It also needs to replace the oil pipe with higher strength. I tried to develop the technology of battery, but chose to give up because the market was strongly occupied by several leading enterprises in China, Japan and South Korea

ZF expects to invest more than 2billion euros in research and development worldwide in 2018, for the research and development of advanced electric drive products, hybrid technology of transmission, vehicle safety system and automatic driving technology. The proportion of R & D expenditure in the budget will increase from 6.1% in 2017 to about 6.5%. Compared with several other auto parts giants, ZF prefers to bet on autonomous driving, but with Stefan Sommer being forced to step down, the progress of entering autonomous driving slowed down after the new CEO took charge of ZF

Japan Denso has embarked on a path of cooperation. In 2017, it continued to acquire, joint venture, alliance and cooperation, and constantly upgraded in many fields such as electrification and autonomous driving. Recently, Japan Denso took a stake in Japan's creation line company (the developer of open source software and agile software), and on the 800million day, it bought 4.5% of the shares of chip manufacturer Renesas electronics again to continue to develop automotive control systems and autonomous driving

Schaeffler officially launched the electric vehicle business department last month, and formulated the strategic goal of "tomorrow plan", which will transform to pure electric vehicle solutions, industry 4.0 and intelligent vehicle digital technology. It is planned that the electric vehicle business within the group will account for more than 15% of the total revenue by 2020

several parts suppliers have their own emphasis, but without exception, they all want to work in places where electricity is not suitable for heavy loads! Spiral screw is also called trapezoidal screw, which has made progress in the field of gasification and automatic driving. Both Bosch and ZF have sold their non core businesses to China in recent years, and according to the trend in recent years, the four giants are optimistic about China's electric vehicle market and continue to cultivate

in addition to the four major auto parts manufacturers, other traditional auto parts manufacturers are not willing to lag behind. Therefore, vehicletrend car trend summarizes the efforts made by ten traditional auto parts manufacturers in the face of electrification:

electrification transformation progress of ten auto parts manufacturers

from the above figure, we can see that Continental, Valeo, Delphi, borgwana and other enterprises have acted more frequently in the past two years, and they are also very clear about the goals and products of the new energy vehicle technology direction. With the exception of continental group, several other enterprises almost prefer speed control for the requirements of hybrid technology for the control mode of the experimental machine; Due to the influence of traditional business, Valeo and Faurecia have focused on good materials and technologies; Faurecia and Cummins seem to prefer to develop in the direction of clean energy

in addition, almost all of the above-mentioned parts suppliers attach great importance to the Chinese market. In addition to building factories in China, cooperating with Chinese enterprises, establishing joint ventures and other enterprises with a large range and high market share will constitute actions, Faurecia has formulated a localization strategy in China, which is basically consistent with the strategy of the four major auto parts suppliers for China previously analyzed

the development of new energy vehicle industry is like a prairie fire, vigorous. The whole automobile industry is undergoing rapid transformation, which makes those enterprises that want to not become a thing of the past in a world with rapid technological development ready to adjust or even subvert at any time

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