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Total plans to produce 300million barrels of oil from the exploration project in Congo.

it is reported that Jacques deglott, the African operation manager of France's total company before applying antirust oil, said here today that the company is preparing to extract 300million barrels of oil from an exploration project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which just meets the needs of car companies for material recycling and reuse

de glote made the above remarks to the media after meeting with the president of Congo. "We hope to make a decision on the development operation in the next 12 to 18 months," he said

deglott said that this project will pay special attention to some oil wells in the north of Moho bilondo oilfield, the most important offshore oilfield in Congo developed by French total company in May 2008. The development of another part of Moho bilondo oilfield is the protected shaosuo field, which has increased the daily oil production in Congo by 35%, reaching 256000 barrels/day

Dglott said that due to the development of Moho bilondo oilfield, total's daily oil production in Congo will increase by more than 80000 barrels

according to the official statistics in 2008, total is the main oil and gas operator in Congo, and its oil production accounts for about 60% of the total oil production in Congo

the Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the five major oil producers in sub Saharan Africa

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