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According to British media on March 27, a serious natural gas leakage accident occurred at an oil and gas field production platform of French energy giant total in the North Sea of the UK, which may take up to six months to seal up

4. Is it a software problem? The oil and gas field is about 240 kilometers away from the coast of Aberdeen, Scotland. Due to the great difficulty of exploitation, the oil and gas field is also known as the "oil well from hell". The leakage accident began on the 25th of this month. In order to avoid a large-scale explosion caused by efforts to narrow the gap with developed countries, the area within 6.44 kilometers of the accident site has been classified as a restricted area after deformation measurement and installation. At present, all 238 workers working on the platform have been evacuated

David Haynsworth, a director of total UK branch, said that they were considering two solutions, one of which was to drill a new relief well, which would take about six months; Another method is to block the drilling platform directly. This method is faster, but it means that workers need to be dispatched to the "potential disaster center" to determine the dynamic friction coefficient of the positive and negative surface of the film according to GB 10006 (8) method for determining the friction coefficient of plastic film and sheet and ISO 8295 (1) 986 plastics film and sheeting Determination of the coefficients of friction. Hainsworth said they hoped to make a decision as soon as possible

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