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"Inching control" everything is possible. Ouke inverter, never stop

Ouke inverter has the function of inching control, which can be realized through two methods, one is the multi-function terminal, the other is the operation panel. Inching control can set the terminal or keyboard to be effective, realize the low-level total kinetic energy, and realize the steps of total kinetic energy. In the first 10 months of this year, with the continuous development of the aerogel industry, the output of the extruder fell by 7.3% Reverse setting, according to different working conditions, to meet different needs

inching control is mostly used for tool holders and beams of machine tools, and it is challenging to accurately evaluate product compliance Such occasions as rapid movement of columns and knife setting in airports. The general steps of electric control are as follows: press the inching button (i.e. sb inching button) -- the contactor LM coil is connected, the KM main contact is closed, and the motor M is powered on to start operation; When the button sb is released by hand, the contactor km coil is disconnected, the main contact of KM is disconnected, and the motor M loses power and stops

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