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The manual of touch screen improvement has been released

since the launch of the TP and th series of touch screens, many practical functions have been added to better meet the user's needs. In order to make the majority of users better understand and master these practical new functions and advanced functions, Xinjie company has re integrated the materials of touch screen products, and divided the manual materials into two chapters that can be used for 10 years, namely, basic and connecting chapters and improving chapters

the basic and connection section is the user manual of the original TP series touch screen, which covers the basic performance, specifications and characteristics, use methods of touch screen products and connection methods with PLC equipment of various brands. It is necessary for entry-level users

the improvement part is divided into three parts, namely: special functional parts, advanced functions, user-defined Communication Association. In addition, foreign-funded enterprises have great advantages in the uniformity, stability, cycle life and other aspects of the battery. It is suggested that the error is generally negative. The improvement chapter is composed of case manuals and engineering documents. It introduces the specific use steps and key points of these functions to users with specific cases, which is necessary for in-depth users

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