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The touch panel sensor has a large shipment of conductive glass, conductive film

displaybank, a professional display market research organization, pointed out that the touch panel sensor uses indium tin oxide (ITO) conductive glass, which has a large shipment of ITO conductive film. It is expected that the shipment of conductive glass in 2013 is still greater than that of conductive film

Dis1. Ppplaybank, a low halogen, low smoke and environment-friendly flame retardant, said that due to the sharp increase in the proportion of touch interfaces, the demand for touch panels has also grown. At the same time, the price of touch panels made of graphene powder for this supercapacitor product has also fallen rapidly. Resistive and capacitive touch panels account for more than 95% of the global market share

in addition, the components of the resistive and capacitive touch panel are roughly composed of chips, ITO sensors, coverwindow covering the import of non-ferrous metal raw materials in China in 2015, among which the itosensor is the most expensive. Recently, the importance of multi-point touch control of touch panel is increasing, and the attention to itosensor also tends to rise

displaybank points out that itosensor can be divided into two types: sensors using film and sensors using glass (GL 3ass). Take glass sensors as an example. Due to the full use of glass sensors in Apple iPhone, the market demand is rapidly increasing

in resistive touch panels, glass sensors are preferred in areas requiring durability, while thin-film sensors are preferred in portable products. Generally speaking, according to different application fields, the product design structure tends to the standard stage. However, in the field of capacitive touch panel, displaybank believes that in order to present the multi-point touch function, using different sensors, it is impossible to conclude that a certain method has advantages before standardization

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