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Total newly promoted Metallocene PE to benefit the industrial film field

recently, total launched supertough32st05 for the flexible packaging market with great success. The thickness of the film made of this material is reduced by 25% and the toughness is stronger. Now, total has launched the second generation product -- supertough22st05, which has many reasons for its existence for the industrial film industry

Solvay ultra performance polymers composed of metallocene polyethylene show extremely high PV values of up to 4million psi*ft/min (140mpa*m/s) in harsh environments. Lumiene supergauge series is a breakthrough product with multi-layer film structure, which can grasp the docking and demand of Metrology and testing in the province in real time, meeting the industry's needs for easy processing, high-performance and lightweight solutions

supertough22st05 has superior bubble stability and mechanical properties, and can reduce the film thickness by up to 25%, further opening the development prospect of wider films. These large width films are ideal products in the fields of agriculture and traffic protection

as a member of the new innovation family of metallocene series, supertough32st05 and supertough22st05 are two new products launched by total for the first time

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