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It feels like plastic, leading to the small island in the river, and is it painted with a sense of science and technology? The first 3D printing Bridge in China will be completed in Taopu in the first half of next year.

it is made of resin and made of 3D printing technology all over, with a total length of about 15 meters Recently, the news that "the first 3D printing Bridge in China will be put into use in Taopu intelligent innovation city, Putuo District" has attracted the attention of many citizens

after contacting the relevant management of Taopu Zhichuang City, Zhou Jun learned that the overall printing of the bridge has been completed, and then the performance indicators and safety performance monitoring of the bridge will be carried out. It is expected that the on-site hoisting will be completed in the first half of next year and the public will meet

here's the point! What will this 3D printing Bridge look like after completion? Thoughtful Jun got the conceptual renderings of this bridge

according to the effect drawing, this building will be used as the connecting channel between an island in the central green space of Taopu steel-making enterprise and the coast. According to the location diagram provided by the relevant management of Taopu smart city with good stability, it can be seen that the planned construction site of the bridge is located on the side of Taopu central green space near Wuwei road in Putuo District. The site belongs to the central green area phase 3 project, which is still under construction

according to the relevant staff of Taopu smart city, nine bridges are planned to be built in the central green space of Taopu, and this 3D printing bridge was originally designed as a steel structure arch bridge. In order to add highlights to the project and highlight the characteristics of scientific and technological wisdom, it was later decided to try to use 3D printing technology to manufacture the bridge

unlike the existing 3D printing Bridge for display in China, this "resin bridge" located in Taopu Zhichuang city is the first landscape bridge that will be officially put into practical application in China

the bridge has been printed as a whole, and the installation completion time is expected to be in the first half of next year. "It is expected to be transported to the site for installation as the world's largest enterprise specializing in the research, production and production of ecological functional polyurethane synthetic leather and composite materials as early as the first half of next year. Because it is the first bridge, in order to ensure safety, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive safety performance test, and it can be delivered for actual use only after passing the test." Taopu Zhichuang city related staff said

"different from the current milky base color, the final bridge is planned to be painted. The color may be a modern and scientific color, which is different from the style of other bridges in Taopu central green space." According to the other party, the touch of this resin bridge is similar to that of plastic, but its hardness, strength and durability are higher

About 3D printing Bridge

3D printing has been widely used in education, medical treatment, automobile and other fields, while the construction field is in its infancy. At present, there are no ready-made specifications and standards for 3D printing buildings to refer to. The 3D printing resin landscape bridge produced by Taopu Zhichuang city in cooperation with Shanghai Construction Engineering Group is based on the corresponding polymer material specifications and bridge design specifications, and it is also the first 3D printing bridge that can be put into use in China

in terms of printing technology, this bridge has passed many printing tests and continuous optimization in the manufacturing process. During the period, preheating and post insulation devices are used to improve the temperature of the printing space and ensure the bonding force of 3D printing materials layer by layer; At the same time, the R & D party has designed and developed a tapping device, which has significantly improved the printing effect after millions of taps

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