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Sciyon was invited to participate in the 2013 Anhui electric power industry thermal control technology supervision meeting

from August 6 to August 8, 2013, the 2013 Anhui electric power industry thermal control technology supervision meeting was held in Jiuhuashan, Anhui Province. Sciyon, as a well-known evaluation platform in China, helped improve the core strength of the industry and a provider of power plant automation and information products and solutions. At the invitation of Anhui Electric Power Research Institute, sciyon participated in this annual supervision meeting and set fire prevention and isolation instructions according to the situation

at the meeting, the representatives of sciyon introduced in detail the development history of sciyon to the leaders and experts of Anhui thermal control industry, as well as the main products, industry solutions and typical achievements in the four industrial fields of process automation, process industry informatization, automatic equipment verification, sensing technology and measurement and control devices, Together with the thermal technicians of 47 power generation enterprises attending the meeting, they summarized the supervision of thermal control technology in Anhui Province in 2012, and exchanged and discussed new technologies and trends in the thermal control field of power plants, such as the intelligent control technology of main steam temperature of ultra (ultra) critical units based on expert rules, the operation control mode of steam feed pumps of large units, etc

during the meeting, many guests and representatives expressed great interest in domestic independent brands such as NT6000 distributed control system (DCS), sy series intelligent integrated electric actuator and syncplant management and control integrated information system independently developed by Keyuan Co., Ltd., and had a detailed understanding of their development and application. Some insiders fully affirmed the safe and reliable products and warm-hearted and thoughtful services of many projects implemented by Keyuan in Anhui market after 107 years of development and innovation, as well as the contribution made by Keyuan in the development of thermal control automation of Anhui thermal power plant. The representative of Keyuan also said that Keyuan will continue to make efforts to contribute to the development and progress of thermal control professional technology of Anhui power plant

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