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With the rapid development of computer technology and network technology, computer color plate making technology has been widely used in actual production. Its progressiveness and scientificity have brought the printing plate making industry into a new historical period, and also brought brilliant prospects to packaging and decoration, advertising design and other industries

due to a complete set of computer color plate making system, equipped with high-precision scanner, select the curve table to be saved in the functional area on the right side of the page, MAC or PC for image and text processing, image and text output machine, high-speed transmission network, large storage file server, printer and other equipment; Therefore, in order to make so many equipment give full play to their respective advantages and produce high-quality products, it is necessary to find out various laws that can guide and manage production through the use of necessary data and testing means for the whole operation process, so as to achieve the scientific management of standardization, data and standardization

in order to achieve good reducibility and repeatability in color plate making, we must do the standardized operation of scanning and color separation, and control the scanning quality of color images. To this end, we must first standardize the gray balance value and measure the gray balance curve of the scanner according to the suitability conditions of the process and subsequent processes to ensure the relative stability of the gray balance curve. Secondly, it is necessary to standardize the calibration data of scanning white field and black field, so as not to make a great difference in scanning quality due to different operators. We should also standardize the scanning color correction curve and fine level adjustment, and correctly reproduce the saturation of the original color, the level and clarity in the color; And according to the different inks and papers used in the products, timely adjust the parameters such as gray balance curve, hierarchical curve, color correction curve, etc. Finally, it is also necessary to standardize the calibration of black version tones. For different types of originals, such as traditional Chinese painting, landscape, etc., different types of black version tones are used respectively to make the restoration of images more accurate and realistic

color display of the image being processed is a major advantage of computer plate making. The color management software of computer reduces the requirements for operators, but the requirements for color display of computer color display are higher. Usually, the color display is RGB additive display, with wide color reproduction space and bright colors; The printing samples are displayed by CMYK subtraction method. The color reproduction space is narrow and the color is gray, and the difference between the two is large. In order to make the color reproduction of the two as close as possible and truly achieve what you see is what you get, the gamma value, brightness, color temperature and other relevant parameters of the color display should be corrected by comparing the print (or sample) and the screen image. We should also use standard ambient light sources to keep the indoor light constant. Too bright and too dark will affect the color presented on the display screen; At the same time, a standard transmission light source should be used to observe the transmission manuscript, so as to improve the accuracy of color adjustment

the linear adjustment of the imagesetter can ensure that the point value displayed after scanning and color separation is consistent with the actual point value on the film. To achieve this, it is very important to fix the brand of photosensitive materials, fixed developer, fixer and parameters such as development and fixing time, temperature and automatic replenishment amount. Under this condition, the density meter regularly measures the field density value, gray density value and point value at all levels of the gray ladder, and adjusts some parameters such as the laser light value and focal length of the imagesetter according to these values, so as to ensure the linear output of the imagesetter and correctly reflect the quality and effect of scanning production

2. Strengthening the process specification of computer operation is a basic work for the standardization, digitization and standardization management of computer plate making. After the customer's original is received by the salesman, the customer's requirements are marked on the standard version sample through the front desk. As shown in the figure, the static experimental machine mainly includes: image position, size, special effects, text color, font size, version core size and other production parameters. After receiving the manuscript, the production process management personnel will specify the scanning process and specific production procedures by examining the characteristics of the manuscript, and provide the mosaic samples according to the requirements of binding and printing. The purpose of these basic work is to strengthen the preparation before production and lay a good foundation for the later standardized operation. After receiving the manuscript, apple or PC workstation operators should strictly follow the layout requirements, use Photoshop and other software to do stunt processing and conventional processing of various images, use freehand and other software to process graphic effects, and achieve standardized operations, such as: black words and black lines are pressed on the background color and monochrome black, the projection on the white background is about 3O% black, the projection on the background color is 6O% black, and the projection cannot be 4-color black, etc. Typesetters should carefully complete the text input and the selection of font size as required, and then complete the relatively standardized page processing, especially when multiple people handle a book at the same time, they should pay attention to the unified specification of parameters, including unified page number, header, etc., and finally output the sample draft by black-and-white (color) printer for customers to confirm. The operator of the jigsaw workstation should carefully check the page file converted by PS against the black sample while accurately completing the jigsaw work, and use the last minute modification function to check the text, size, etc., so as to be basically correct. The final output film of the Phototypesetter should be carefully checked by the quality inspection personnel for text, image, color block, jigsaw, etc., and can be sent for proofing only after confirmation

three proofing is the bridge between computer plate making and printing. It should not only correctly reflect the level and color of the original, but also provide standard color proofs for printing. In order to achieve the accuracy and stability of ink color in traditional simulation proofing, it is necessary to control and standardize the printing process. To make a high-quality printing plate, we must first ensure that the light source of the plate printer is stable and the illumination is uniform, and determine the best exposure time; Also fix the exposure, plate brand, development and fixing conditions. Secondly, take 2% fine dots and 98% hollow dots as the standard, regularly test the change of light source, adjust the exposure time in time, improve the stability and repeatability of printing, change a brand of PS version, and adjust the settings of various parameters in time. Finally, the working state of the proofing machine should be fixed, and the field density value and point expansion rate should be well controlled to improve the repeatability and stability of proofing. The stability of proofing provides correct information feedback and reliable basis for the gray balance curve adjustment of front-end scanner and the correction of apple or PC workstation display, so that computer plate making truly reflects what you see is what you get

in terms of digital proofing, first of all, the year-on-year growth rates should be 17%, 19% and 29% respectively; Lithium demand is 238900 tons, 280500 tons and 347300 tons respectively. Through the standard sample completed in the traditional analog proofing, the printer is color corrected to ensure that the printer is in the best state. Then input the chromaticity value measured by the colorimeter into the printer characteristic file generation software; After comparing and analyzing the chromaticity data of the original color code and the output color code, the characteristic file generation software generates a new characteristic file of the printer that conforms to the existing production process, so as to achieve the basic consistency of the color of the digital color sample and the analog proofing sample

IV the operation carrier of traditional manual plate making is film, while the operation carrier of computer plate making is the digital electronic document in the system. Therefore, the maintenance of network system and the management of document archives are another basic content of the standardized management of computer plate making. To improve the production efficiency of computer plate making, we should not only improve the processing speed of the carrier content in all links of the process flow, but also introduce the digital management process, reasonably arrange the storage location of electronic documents in the system and the system data flow, try to avoid the repeated transmission of large amount of data files, and use CD burner and other equipment to archive and manage the file data, and regularly backup the system, Keep the information for customers, provide convenience for future revision and reprint, and free up valuable disk space in time to improve production efficiency

computer color plate making has strong technicality, many process links and a wide range of aspects, including color decomposition, dot transmission, color synthesis, file transmission, etc. One of the standards to measure the level of data standardization is good reducibility, and the other is good repeatability. Computer plate making should be reductive and repeatable, and it is impossible without a certain level of digitization. Therefore, we must start from the actual situation, start from the most basic work, and solidly explore a set of standards and norms that are practical and can be popularized and applied. The scientific management of digitalization, standardization and standardization of computer plate making is only a means, and the real purpose is to improve the quality of products, shorten the production cycle, reduce the production cost, give full play to the advantages of advanced equipment and improve production efficiency

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