On commodity packaging fraud

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On commodity packaging fraud

content abstract: commodity packaging fraud is a relatively hidden fraud committed by the seller to the buyer in the circulation of goods, but at present, China has not scientifically defined it so as to formulate corresponding market norms to protect the rights and interests of the buyer and maintain the fair competition between the sellers. This process takes a total of two and a half years. This paper makes a beneficial discussion on the connotation and extension of commodity packaging fraud and obtains the corresponding countermeasures

key words: packaging fraud tangible fraud intangible fraud standardizes the market

the first impression of buyers' understanding and understanding of commodities is the packaging of commodities, and the final finalization and new introduction of each commodity packaging are all permeated with the good intentions of manufacturers, that is, manufacturers expect to attract buyers through commodity packaging, so that buyers can buy their own commodities. In this way, commodity packaging has become one of the important means for manufacturers to compete for buyers. Although commodity packaging is an essential bearing condition for commodity exchange, there is no inevitable connection between commodity packaging and commodity itself. Therefore, some manufacturers use commodity packaging to engage in unfair competition and make illegal profits from luring buyers. So how can the buyer identify the packaging fraud of various commodities with various patterns? At present, there is no accurate evaluation standard in China, which is still a problem that needs to be carefully studied and correctly defined

the meaning and characteristics of commodity packaging fraud

in the author's opinion, the so-called commodity packaging fraud should be defined as: where a manufacturer uses a packaging form that is not necessary for the commodity and is inconsistent with the quality and quantity of the use value of the commodity to lure and mislead the buyer, The behavior that causes the quality and quantity of the actual use value of the commodity bought by the buyer to be less than or different from the quality and quantity of the use value he expects according to the packaging of the commodity belongs to commodity packaging fraud. Measuring the share or degree of fraud by a certain commodity packaging can be shown by calculation, that is, the difference between the quality and quantity of the intuitive use value reflected by the commodity packaging and the quality and quantity of the actual use value of the commodity. The quality and quantity of the fraudulent use value can be expressed not only in the quality or content of the use value, but also in the weight or volume of the use value. It should be noted that goods with packaging fraud are not all fake and inferior products, and packaging fraud also exists in high-quality products produced by some regular manufacturers. The reason is that China has not yet scientifically defined commodity packaging fraud. Yicheng Xinneng has also established a special subsidiary Henan Yicheng Hanbo Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yicheng Hanbo) to take charge of the above 10000 ton cathode material project and introduce specific measures for governance, That is to say, at present, the fraud of commodity packaging for profit will not be sanctioned

from the current situation of commodity packaging fraud in the market, commodity packaging fraud can be divided into two categories: one is intangible fraud, the other is tangible fraud. "Shape" here refers to the expressive shape of commodity volume. The so-called invisible fraud means that the buyer is deceived in the quality of the goods by printing images or words inconsistent with the quality of the goods on the surface of the commodity packaging; The so-called tangible fraud is to create an illusion to the buyer through the form of the packaging, that the packaged goods are consistent with the maximum volume formed by the packaging, so that the buyer is deceived in the quantity of goods. It can be seen that invisible fraud deceives buyers with false commodity texture, while tangible fraud deceives buyers with false commodity quantity

commodity packaging fraud has the following characteristics: first, implement fully enclosed packaging. All goods with packaging fraud are completely closed on the packaging. The manufacturer neither provides the buyer with commodity samples, nor allows the buyer to open the packaging to understand the condition of the goods before purchase. The manufacturer deliberately creates such a fait accompli: when the buyer has the right to open the package, the transaction has been completed, fraud is a foregone conclusion, and the buyer has to acquiesce. Second, the fraudulent commodity unit value is small. Choosing small commodities for packaging fraud is easy to succeed, because small commodities are generally of small value, and fraud is not easy to attract widespread attention in the society, and buyers have the universality of default. Third, there are many objects of fraud and huge profits. On the surface, cheating a buyer makes little profit, but the number of fraudsters continues to be large. The goods with packaging fraud are mainly concentrated in people's commonly used drugs, food and other necessities of life. Therefore, the manufacturer does not worry about fraud. If you don't buy it, the manufacturer not only has guaranteed profits, but also has a huge amount of profits. Fourth, the forms of fraud are complex and diverse. First, the transformation is fast. Since the change of commodity packaging can be completed without increasing the cost, manufacturers can quickly change the original fraud face of commodity packaging and start a new fraud. Second, there are many styles. In intangible fraud, some people have signs that seem honest, such as the words "this pattern has nothing to do with the goods inside" printed on the packaging with fraudulent patterns, while others have signs of honesty in tangible fraud, such as the actual weight printed on the packaging with inconspicuous words, etc. In short, as long as we observe and analyze carefully, we will find all kinds of packaging fraud. For example, some toothpastes look very large, but they squeeze out a lot of air when used; There are cylindrical biscuits, each of which has four round hollows that can't be any larger, and so on

causes and harm of commodity packaging fraud

commodity packaging fraud exists in the market economy, but it is not inherent in the market economy, but the product of immature market economy and imperfect system. The immature market economy with imperfect system has left a breeding gap and soil for packaging fraud, which is mainly reflected in: first, the buyer and the seller still lack rational guidance and restraint. For sellers, commodity packaging fraud is the driving force and performance of their bad psychology of forgetting righteousness for profit and being mercenary in the short-term market behavior; For buyers, once cheated by commodity packaging, it is often considered to be a small personal matter, which is difficult to reason, and then take a tolerant and self admitting attitude towards it, lacking self-protection awareness and social awareness. Second, the market economic system is still lack of supervision and restraint mechanism. The establishment and improvement of market economic systems in various countries need a process, and China is no exception. There are many aspects that need to be improved, and the restriction on commodity packaging fraud is one of them. Because of this, commodity packaging, as a means of competition between sellers and a link between buyers and sellers, has not yet had a universal, authoritative and standardized systematic constraint in China, so commodity packaging fraud can be produced and exist under the current market economy conditions in China

the existence of commodity packaging fraud will cause all kinds of harm to China's developing and improving market economic system, mainly manifested in:

first, it destroys the role of fair competition mechanism under the condition of market economy. Fair competition is the most basic principle and mechanism in market economy, and the survival of the fittest is its fair ruling result. Commodity packaging fraud just destroys the most basic principle of fair competition in the market economy and hinders the normal role of this market mechanism. Fair competition requires manufacturers to pay attention to the quality of goods and the reputation of enterprises, which is the fundamental for enterprises to win in the competition, And packaging fraud "We all want to build safer, but we don't pay attention to reputation. We take opportunistic and improper means to make profits, which makes the fair competition mechanism fail, resulting in the bad result that the superior is superior to the inferior. Second, it infringes on the legitimate rights and interests of the buyer. The buyer has the right to fair trade, that is, to buy clearly and consume the goods he buys plainly. Fair trade is not only reflected in the reasonable price, but also reflected in the buyer's attitude when purchasing goods Normal mentality, that is, we should be clear about the whole situation of the commodity, and there should be no artificial misunderstanding of the commodity. That is to say, the development of buying new energy vehicles will also drive a large number of demanders of new chemical materials for automobiles to enjoy the right to know about the commodity before purchasing. The commodity packaging fraud belongs to the behavior that the manufacturer misunderstands the commodity for the buyer, which is undoubtedly an intentional infringement on the legitimate rights and interests of the buyer

third, it damages the establishment of the good faith relationship between the buyer and the seller under the condition of market economy. A mature and complete market economy is not only a legal economy, but also a moral economy. Emphasizing integrity is the symbol of a mature and complete market economy. A mature market economy can clearly see the moral character of the producer behind the goods. The moral character of integrity produces honest goods, which is the trust and pursuit of rational consumers and the magic weapon for commodity producers to win. On the contrary, commodity packaging fraud runs counter to the establishment of an honest market economy, which damages the establishment of the honest relationship between the buyer and the seller, as well as the industry atmosphere

measures to eliminate commodity packaging fraud

commodity packaging fraud is a bad behavior contrary to the operating mechanism of the market economy. Only by eliminating this behavior can we maintain legitimate and orderly market competition, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of buyers, and promote the healthy development of the market economy

first, we should scientifically reveal the meaning of commodity packaging fraud. To eliminate commodity packaging fraud, we must first scientifically reveal the meaning of commodity packaging fraud, so as to determine a universally recognized definition in the industry and society. Clarifying such a scientific definition can provide a clear prevention boundary for manufacturers, an identification standard for buyers, and a basis for law enforcement departments to apply laws and regulations

second, establish an all-round social supervision system. Commodity packaging fraud is most afraid of supervision and exposure, so it is very necessary to establish a social supervision system composed of industry and commerce, industries, consumer associations, the masses and the media. Once the commodity packaging fraud is found, it should be made public in time, so that the commodities with packaging fraud will lose the market. At the same time, we should cultivate and create an honest and trustworthy market culture atmosphere to make it become the benefit mechanism of manufacturer marketing

third, formulate punishment measures for commodity packaging fraud. The reason why commodity packaging fraud appears is the result of interest driven, so formulating effective measures to punish it is an effective means to eliminate this behavior. People who try to seek ill gotten gains through packaging fraud realize that the market economy is a legal economy and an honest economy. Relying on speculation will end up harming not only others, but also themselves

in short, the complete eradication of commodity packaging fraud ultimately depends on the integrity and perfection of the market economic system. Perfecting and perfecting the market economic system can give full play to the overall functions and cultural advantages of the legal system, integrity, supervision and competition mechanisms, so as to bridge and eradicate the gap and growth soil of packaging fraud, create a good market atmosphere for commodities that stress integrity, and open up a broad space for development

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