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Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision: two batches of wood-based panels were found to be unqualified

Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision: two batches of wood-based panels were found to be unqualified

July 23, 2015

[China paint information] recently, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision has conducted special supervision and random inspection on the quality of wood-based panel products produced and sold in this city. 76 batches of products were sampled this time, and 2 batches were unqualified after inspection

according to the introduction, wood-based panel products are listed in the catalogue of products with national industrial product production license. There are 41 licensed production enterprises in Shanghai, of which 31 actually sampled products this time, and another 10 did not sample due to production stoppage, relocation, and only producing export products

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this supervision, spot check and inspection are based on GB "formaldehyde emission limits in wood-based panels and their products for interior decoration materials", gb/t "Blockboard", gb/t "plywood", gb/t "decorative veneer veneerer (2) wheel disc test completion of methanol vehicle pilot acceptance in Jinzhong and other 9 cities. The riser end o content of parts is high." GB and the cutting of the other two samples is required to strictly control the requirements of national standards and relevant standards such as/t medium density fiberboard, gb/t particleboard, gb/t impregnated adhesive film paper facing wood-based panel, and the following items of the product are tested: moisture content, static bending strength, surface bonding strength, bonding strength, formaldehyde release, impregnation peel test, internal bonding strength, water absorption thickness expansion rate, screw grip force, surface wear resistance The surface is resistant to pollution and corrosion, and the surface is resistant to cracking

spot check found that a batch of impregnated adhesive film paper facing wood-based panel surface wear-resistant items of Shanghai gansen decorative materials Co., Ltd. were unqualified. The water absorption thickness expansion rate of a batch of MDF medium density fiberboard of Shanghai Oasis Industrial Co., Ltd. is unqualified

2015 wood based panel quality supervision and random inspection of products with items in line with relevant standards

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