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PTA morning review on August 3: the peripheral environment was good, PTA continued to be strong

Zhengzhou PTA futures closed up sharply on August 2. Among them, the main 1101 contract closed at 7736 yuan/ton, up 136 or 1.79%. PTA futures continued to be strong yesterday. The international commodity futures market continued to strengthen across the board on the 30th, and the warming US economic data boosted market sentiment, pushing the domestic commodity market generally higher yesterday. At present, the spot market remains strong. There are no major negative factors in PTA market fundamentals. The upstream and downstream situation is good, and it is expected to maintain a good situation in the short term

upstream, crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) broke through the $80 per barrel mark on the 2nd, the first time since May. Due to the strong performance of the latest batch of manufacturing data, the automatic alarm device sounded vigorously, reviving investors' confidence in the global economic recovery. The settlement price of September light and low sulfur crude oil futures contract on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose 2. Add water first and then add materials for mixing US $39, up 3% to US $81.34 per barrel, the highest level since May 4. The settlement price of Brent crude oil futures contract on ICE Futures Exchange rose $2.77, or 3.5%, to $80.95 a barrel

as the manufacturing indexes of the United States, the euro zone and the United Kingdom were better than expected, oil prices soared along with stock markets and other commodities. Economic indicators released in previous weeks were mixed, and the latest data released today strengthened investors' confidence that the economy will continue to grow. Similar optimistic expectations about the future demand for bulk commodities once doubled the oil price in 2009, but since October last year, the oil price has fallen rapidly after repeatedly breaking through $80 a barrel

in terms of spot, the spot continued to rebound. After the opening of the market in the morning, the focus of the spot negotiation moved upward, and the transaction negotiation was close to 7200 yuan. In the afternoon, the mainstream transaction was around yuan/ton, but the atmosphere during the day was general. On Monday, the market continued the hot market last week, and most merchants had little intention of shipping at a low price. Meg's internal market was strong in the morning, with an offer of up to 6500 yuan/ton; The external offer continued to be popular, and the offer was made to US dollars. In the afternoon, the market continued to continue. There were few offers from merchants, with individual bonded offers of US $770/ton. The buyer's shipment was made to US $770/ton, but no shipment was made, and most of them were inquiries from traders

in the downstream, driven by the sharp rise in the price of ethylene glycol, the polyester raw material in the last weekend, the quotation of direct spinning polyester has increased slightly since the short weekend, and the factory quotation of mainstream cash is yuan/ton. With the sharp rise of PTA futures, better low-cost goods receiving in the market and low factory inventory, the prices of some polyester short-term factories continued to rise in the afternoon under the influence of the sharp rise of polyester raw material spot, especially MEG, and cost support. On Monday, the polyester filament Market in Jiangsu and Zhejiang stabilized as a whole. Affected by the structural adjustment over the weekend, individual factories continued to rise in the morning. The quotation of polyester filament in Xiaoshao area is generally stable, and POY, DTY and FDY fine denier filament in some factories are moderately increased by yuan/ton. The cash mainstream of polyester POY, DTY and fdy150d is 11000 - enjoy the joy and joy of the festival with your family; Combined with the production situation, 11300 yuan/ton. Fdy50d/24f, 75d/72f cash, 1 the reason for this kind of phenomenon is yuan/ton

in terms of news, the mainstream big factories in Tongxiang began to limit power last night. At present, the local big factories generally reduce the spinning weight of texturing, composite silk and chips by about 30%, and the load of some polyester also decreased slightly. Although the implementation of the power rationing policy in Zhejiang Province has been insufficient since its introduction, it is expected that the government will continue to monitor the power consumption due to the hot weather recently, and the demand for PTA is expected to decrease in the short term

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