On building a conservation oriented society and ap

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On building a conservation oriented society and appropriate packaging

content abstract: combined with the background of building a conservation oriented society and the current situation of the prominent problem of excessive packaging, based on the definition of conservation oriented packaging and appropriate packaging, and drawing on the advanced experience at home and abroad, this paper proposes that appropriate packaging should be advocated and promoted from the aspects of laws and standards, economic means, scientific and technological innovation, packaging design and so on

key words: economical society, moderate packaging, excessive packaging

I. current situation of China's packaging industry

since the reform and opening up, China's packaging industry has developed rapidly, especially the packaging of food, beverages, household appliances and other commodities has been close to the level of developed countries. However, with the development of market economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the problem of excessive packaging has become increasingly prominent. For example, two liang tea is packed in huge leather boxes; A small bird's nest is not only wrapped with silk, but also placed in a rosewood gift box; The excessive packaging of moon cakes has reached an amazing level. It can be seen that it is more and more urgent to effectively control over packaging

second, what is an economical society?

in an economical society, saving should become the universal consciousness of society, which is also the premise of building an economical society; Comprehensive legal, economic and administrative measures of strict economy are effective guarantees; Scientific allocation, efficient utilization and effective protection of resources are the fundamental signs; The ecological environment has been continuously improved, and the harmonious coexistence between man and nature is the result; Sustainable development of economy and society is the goal of building a conservation oriented society

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III. what is appropriate packaging

1 The function of packaging is to protect goods from damage and deterioration during transportation, storage and sales; The second is to beautify commodities, so that their value can be fully displayed and even improved. Great changes have taken place in the connotation and extension of the functions of modern packaging. After meeting the comprehensive needs of people for the material and aesthetic functions of commodities, packaging has gradually evolved from the initial basic functions to higher-level needs for health, safety, environmental protection and so on

2. Moderate packaging

there are many kinds of packaging, such as moderate packaging, excessive packaging and lack of packaging according to its function, benefit and packaging cost

moderate packaging is corresponding to excessive packaging. It refers to packaging with exquisite design, convenient use, safety and health, and moderate cost. When it exceeds a certain degree, it becomes excessive packaging, which will lead to waste of resources and environmental damage, and the negative effect is higher than the value it creates

IV. how to advocate and promote appropriate packaging

advocating and promoting appropriate packaging is an important work in the process of building an energy-saving society, an important symbol of the effective strengthening of the national awareness of saving, and a direct reflection of the process of building an energy-saving society. In this process, combined with China's national conditions and drawing on the experience of advanced countries, the main problems to be solved at present are:

1 Limit excessive packaging with regulations and standards

first of all, we should accelerate the pace of packaging legislation in fy2013, establish a smooth and effective packaging recycling system, and strengthen the implementation of urban garbage classification and collection. Secondly, we should strengthen administrative supervision, establish an appropriate packaging evaluation system suitable for China's national conditions, and effectively operate the system, so as to fundamentally solve the problem of excessive packaging

some advanced countries in the world have adopted legislation to promote appropriate packaging, such as the tensile, peeling, tearing, heat sealing and other testing experiments of German woven bags and other products. As early as 1991, the packaging regulations were implemented, which particularly emphasized the promotion of the use of reusable beverage packaging, and stipulated that the reuse rate must reach 72%. If this proportion is not reached, the relevant preferences will be cancelled. The United States, Japan, Canada and other countries have also set restrictions on the volume of packaging, the number of layers of packaging, and the cost performance ratio of packaging. In recent years, China has also strengthened the relevant legislative work. The "Cleaner Production Promotion Law" implemented in 2003 and the "law on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste" implemented in 2005 have put forward requirements for packaging. At the same time, the regulations also require producers to bear not only the environmental pollution in the production process, but also the recycling or disposal of waste products or used packaging

2. Adjust excessive packaging by economic means

many European countries have adopted some effective economic means, such as Denmark's formulation of waste recycling regulations; Belgium has formulated the "ecological tax", which stipulates that all paper packaging and reusable packaging with simple operation can be exempted from tax; The Netherlands also implements waste metering and charging, and guides consumers to choose appropriate and simple packaging. These practices are very worthy of our reference. The luxury tendency of ceremonial commodity packaging in China is very obvious, and the problem of excessive packaging also mainly occurs in these commodities. If garbage metering and charging can be implemented in cities, gift givers will inevitably take into account the cost burden of packaging garbage on gift recipients and reduce the purchase of over packaged goods

in the sales stage of commodities, economic control measures should also be implemented, such as setting up additional price differences between commodities packaged to different degrees, and setting up vending machines, home shopping baskets, etc., to increase consumers' choice of whether and how to package commodities

3. Promote appropriate packaging with scientific and technological innovation

in the process of promoting appropriate packaging, scientific and technological innovation of packaging is the key. The focus of scientific and technological innovation is the innovation of packaging materials. In the "Tenth Five Year" development plan, China proposed that the long-term development goals of the packaging industry are: to implement green packaging projects, and gradually expand the development of paper instead of wood and paper instead of plastic; Replace traditional packaging with high-performance packaging materials, use advanced technology to improve the reuse rate and regeneration rate of packaging, and save resources

in addition, we should also strengthen scientific and technological innovation in the functions of packaging materials, such as developing one or more kinds of special packaging paper for food, which can not only realize the functions of food insulation and preservation, but also make the hot drink packaging have the functions of temperature display and photosensitive heating

4. How to grasp the appropriate packaging in design

packaging design is the source of commodity packaging production, in which designers play a decisive role. A competent packaging designer not only has the overall grasp of packaging design, but also must have good professional ethics and a strong sense of society, and advocate appropriate packaging from the source

in the process of packaging design, the following points should be considered: ⑴ reasonable material selection and management of products, that is, packaging materials should follow the principles of reduction, easy recycling, easy degradation and no harm. Try to choose some traditional environmental protection materials. At the same time, materials containing harmful ingredients and harmless ingredients cannot be mixed together to facilitate recycling; ⑵ in the design of packaging structure, we should consider more designs that are removable, easy to compress and easy to fold, so that the packaging waste can be easily disassembled, classified and recycled; ⑶ try to use the same material for the same kind of packaging to reduce the type of material. At the same time, the functions of packaging should be diversified to increase its collection and reuse value; (4) in terms of packaging image design, more environmental protection information should be conveyed between patterns, product names, colors and words, so as to enhance consumers' awareness of environmental protection

at present, the principles of moderate design and healthy design have been put forward in the design theory circle, and the design direction of "less is beauty" has been put forward in the international community. However, this does not require aesthetic expression or narrow design language, but emphasizes reducing unnecessary material consumption as much as possible, and pays attention to the recycling and recycling of materials


building a conservation oriented society and promoting appropriate packaging involve all areas of society, especially the awareness of resource hardship and conservation of the whole people. In the process of building a conservation oriented society in China, vigorously promoting appropriate packaging and managing excessive packaging are of far-reaching significance, which can be said to be of great benefit to the present and the future

source: Longyuan Journal

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