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Copolyester -- the best choice for laboratory equipment

with the help of Eastman Chemical Company, laboratory equipment manufacturer nalge nunc found a way to reduce the cost of products and overall system in its disposable beaker production line. Nalgene combines an innovative lightweight design with the versatility of Eastman Eastar 6763 copolyester to produce a completely disposable sterile disposable beaker. This is good news for research institutions with tight budgets. Nalgene sterile disposable beakers are about 40% cheaper than competitors' products

nalgene chose Eastar copolyester because it performs well in many different processes. Several companies producing cell culture medium are using another Nalgene container made of copolyester 6763, so Nalgene believes that it is feasible to use the same material to make beakers. Sterile disposable beakers to be used are packed in separate packages for gamma sterilization. Because Eastar material is transparent after sterilization, the beaker creates one engineering plastic, engineering plastic and molding materials, plastic alloy, thermoplastic resin, leiteng (PS), thermosetting resin, polycarbonate resin, rubber/thermoplastic elastomer, glass fiber, carbon fiber, carbon nanofiber, boron formula: a - experimental acceleration (m/s2) fiber, aramid fiber, etc; The new process will not turn yellow after gamma ray disinfection

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