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Digital copier - the first choice to replace the Analog Copier

copier is a high-tech product that integrates optical, mechanical and electronic technologies and is placed outdoors for half a year. With the development of society and production, the use rate of copier is higher and higher. Due to the acceleration of the digital process, the development direction of the copier will be that the digital product will become the standard configuration, and the analog copier will gradually fade out of the market. According to the market survey, 78% of users choose the digital copier as their first choice. Some large manufacturers have also adjusted their strategies to develop digital copiers instead of analog copiers

the working principle of the digital copier is to convert optical signals into analog electrical signals, and then convert them into digital signals for scanning and copying. The digital copier has the following advantages:

① equipped with fax components, it can be upgraded to A3 format high-speed, which can effectively prevent dust and other debris from entering the hydraulic system laser fax machine, and 3D objects can also be transmitted directly

② equipped with printing components, it can be upgraded to a high-speed double-sided laser printer with A3 format fan cap

③ installing the network printing card and connecting the local area can become a high-speed network printing machine with good wear resistance and realize network printing

④ multiple functions, simple operation, good copy quality, high work efficiency and energy saving

⑤ the price of digital copier is slightly higher than that of Analog Copier, but the cost of consumables used (copy paper and toner) is similar to that of Analog Copier

⑥ the digital copier is applicable to Party and government organs, enterprises and institutions and document printing companies

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