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Advantages of flexographic printing for coated kraft linerboard

with the continuous improvement of the supporting technology of flexographic printing, the configuration of corrugated board ink printing machines has been gradually improved. Many domestic paper processing plants have successively introduced ink printing machines with high-speed corrugated rollers. This will help to further promote the application of coated kraft linerboard in corrugated box packaging

in the early paper packaging industry, coated paper was usually only used in offset printing or preprint. Because the characteristics of coated paper are most suitable for offset printing. The traditional corrugated paper printing and packaging is also limited to rough Kraft linerboard and dried white kraft linerboard. The products are only some prints with simple printing content. Because the configuration of the traditional corrugated ink printer is limited and the traditional water-based ink is used, it is difficult to overcome some common technical problems when printing coated paper. As there is a coating layer on the surface of the coated paper, which fills the fiber connection pores on the surface of the paperboard. When the ink is printed on the coating surface, it is difficult for the wet ink to penetrate into the paperboard through the sealed coating. Therefore, the ink on the printing surface is difficult to be dried by penetration, but can only be dried by natural evaporation. Therefore, ink printing on coated paper is mainly manifested in the difficulty of ink drying. The slow drying speed of ink can easily lead to a series of problems in the printing process, such as blotting, smearing, difficult overprint, decolorization, wetting back, slow printing speed and so on

as the coated kraft linerboard has a high gloss printing surface and bright and full coloring effect on the printing, as well as a clear impression on the paper surface, the overall printing effect is bright, which is beyond the ordinary Kraft linerboard, Owens Corning in the outer packaging: actively promote the healthy development of the glass fiber industry. The carton printing with coated kraft linerboard will be more attractive. Therefore, there is still a large market space for the development of the extruder industry. The end users of multi brand packaging boxes are also willing to use coated paper as the outer packaging box. At present, many domestic and overseas carton users have changed from using white cow card paper to using coated white cow card as outer packaging box

in addition, the packaging market is also developing in another direction of reducing product costs. Some cartons are large in size and simple in printing layout design. Especially for latex products, users with low precision requirements are gradually converting the original offset printing outer packaging boxes to corrugated paper direct flexographic printing. Due to the high cost of offset printing, many post-processing processes and long time-consuming, offset printing is limited by the range of the printing press and cannot print wider products. In addition, the ink binder and solvent used by the offset printing press are toxic. Long term contact with people will be harmful to human health, which is not suitable for the requirements of environmental protection. Flexographic printing mainly uses environmental friendly ink. Due to the advantages of flexographic printing and the continuous improvement of flexographic printing technology, the printing level is close to the offset printing effect. Therefore, the share of flexographic printing products in the packaging market is increasing year by year. The development trend of packaging printing will mainly adopt direct flexographic printing that is environmentally friendly, low-cost and saves processing time. Due to the awareness of environmental protection, in the economically developed countries in Europe and the United States, most of the outer packaging cartons are flexographic printing, while the products exported to Europe and the United States are more popular and more acceptable

driven by the potential of the packaging market, many domestic paper mills have successively launched coated white paperboard (white board with gray background), which mainly consists of recycled waste paper, to meet the needs of the market. However, at present, domestic paper mills are generally restricted by technology and raw materials. Affected by the tensile strength, folding resistance, smoothness of paper surface, uniformity and instability of coating, they can only produce high gram weight coated white paperboard. Although the price per unit weight of these papers is relatively low, there are still common technical difficulties in the current flexographic printing. It is common that the folding resistance is poor. Because the paper is thick and the coating is thick, the crease is very easy to crack and burst. Due to the thick coating, the coating is easy to lose powder, the inking performance is poor, the ink drying is more difficult, and the problems such as dragging, overlapping, decolorization, pollution, rewetting, slow printing speed are more serious. When these heavy coated papers pass through the hot plate of the paperboard production line, the surface coating is easy to be scratched and polished, resulting in irreparable defects, which brings many headache problems to the printing producers. In fact, these gray white boards are designed for offset printing, not for direct flexographic printing of corrugated paper

over the years, Finnish forestry has actively participated in and promoted the development of corrugated board printing technology in China. In order to enable corrugated box packaging manufacturers to easily overcome the difficulties in printing production, Jianmei paper factory of Finnish forestry has developed and introduced a light coated white kraft linerboard between white kraft linerboard and heavy coated paper to the market. Jianmei paper factory is the leader in the production of coated white cow card in the world. It has the most advanced paper production technology and equipment in the world. The raw materials are 100% high-quality raw wood pulp fiber materials in Finland, without adding any recycled pulp. Advanced technology and production equipment combined with high-quality raw materials can naturally produce stable and first-class products. The products produced have the quality indicators of high strength, high folding resistance, high bursting resistance, high tensile resistance, high tightness, high smoothness and other physical properties, and the products range from 110g to 250g. Jianmei's low gram weight products can completely replace the domestic high gram weight products under the physical performance test. In terms of the price per square meter per unit area, their practical value is more advantageous than some domestic high gram weight products

light coated kraft linerboard not only has the printing advantages of coated paper, but also has the characteristics of easy printing of kraft linerboard. The product structure of light coated kraft linerboard is to add a coating layer of 7g/m2 on the basis of kraft linerboard. As the light coating is very thin, it is not easy to break and drop powder. At the same time, the excellent coating is very uniform. The high-quality coating based on white porcelain clay can make the ink better adhere to the paper. This kind of paper can dry the ink quickly in a short time after printing, and can also avoid the problems of printing surface dragging, difficult color stacking, decolorization, rewetting and so on

the development direction of Jianmei paper factory is to improve the printability of products and improve the market competitiveness of products. Now the corrugated box industry is highly competitive with low profits. In order to survive, businesses must focus on reducing the loss rate, improving production efficiency and reducing processing technology. In order to meet the market demand, Jianmei paper factory recently launched a new product - micro coating. The micro coating amount is about 4G, which is more suitable for ink flexo post printing. Because of its small coating amount, the ink drying speed is faster. The difficult problems such as color folding and flower dragging can be solved easily. It is easier to connect wires, press lines, slot, die-cutting and bonding. Micro coating also has a good performance in paperboard production line. Whether in paperboard production, printing and post-processing, micro coating is almost as easy to operate as ordinary uncoated Kraft linerboard, and the printing effect can still maintain the bright and bright effect of coated paper. Nowadays, the printing quality is not only required to be higher and higher, but also limited by the cost price. The use of Finnish forestry Jianmei low gram weight light coated white ox card can better reflect its practical value

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